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Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Lot of Nothing Going On

Did you guys watch the season finale of American Idol? I admit it - I did not. I sort of hit the pause button on my life when baseball season starts. I was watching the Oakland A's shut down the White Sox. AND - "watching" my beloved St. Louis Cardinals win their 2nd game in a row. For those of you who follow baseball - the Cardinals have been so unbelievably bad that winning one game is monumental, let alone two. What? Oh! AI. I heart Jordin! She was so super cute.


I've also been "window-shopping" online for a bridesmaid dress for my friend Julie's wedding. She's getting married in southeast Missouri in October. Julie is 6 feet tall. I'll be standing up with her and her tall Jayne Mansfield-esque sisters. It's going to be an awesome wedding. So, let me know if you see any red bridesmaid dresses (floor-length) that might look good on a chunktastic gal, such as myself. Really, these girls are so lovely that at my best, I'd still look short and dumpy.


Random Mother-in-Law note: The Targo's mom is very sweet to me. She says things that inspire gape-mouthed double takes, but she's very kind to me. The other day I was telling her that I only had two more baby showers for friends in the near future. I was relieved, sort of, because I love spoiling my girls and right now, I'm trying to put some money back. She looked at me for a second and said: "Is the next baby a boy or a girl?" I told her the parents decided they didn't want to know. So, she rushed upstairs and brought down two adorable yellow outfits.

MIL: These are the only unisex outfits I've got. I have one with Lego's, but I'm saving that for my friend's son and his wife.

Me: Oh! Are they expecting?

MIL: No, but he loved Lego's as a kid. I bought a couple of others, but I'm saving those for my grandchildren.



I went to physical therapy on Tuesday and was encouraged to do more core strengthening to help my back pain. The problem? Well, besides the facts that I'm a couch potato and hate working out alone, the elliptical has been killing my back. The Targo will be running his last race of the season (until Halloween, I think) on Saturday. I think we'll be going back to our 3-4 mile walks at night. Those of you who are runners - or taking up running - have my admiration. But also my lack of understanding. If a bear is chasing me, yeah I'll run. That's about it.


Happy Thursday!

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