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Friday, June 22, 2007

Leaving My Heart, and Perhaps My Stomach, in O'Hare

So, the best part of going to DC is (of course) seeing my friend Amy.

(And God knows I wish I had the guts to meet these awesome bloggers. But, I'm chicken. And not cool. Also, I suck. I have yet to meet Nicole, and we live in the same city! Nicole, next week maybe? Jeebus, when are you moving?)

But the bad? Leaving the Targo. On my 30th birthday, I nearly committed justifiable homicide because he went to London without me. He had a lot of making up to do after that one. But, this year I'm leaving for my birthday. Does that excuse him from sweetness or giving me presents? I'm not sure. Maybe. Perhaps just the big presents.

All kidding aside, I'm leaving in the middle of DRAMA! I hate drama. I prefer the boring, mundane, snooze-worthy if given a choice. If you guys could, send the Targo many non-drama thoughts for the weekend. (I can't think of a better way to word that.)

Hopefully, I'll be able to be less vague (because really could I be more vague?) after this weekend. Many hugs to you, Interwebs. You're so awesome.


L Sass said...

Drama is bad. But, DC is good! And friends are good! And Drinking is good!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Liz Gossom said...

drama is bad - and vague-icity is not so fabulous either. But happy birthday weekend!

Are we on COPS again? said...

Have a great weekend with your BFF. Leave the drama in Chicago and enjoy yourself. Thats an order :)

Anonymous said...

Sending The Targo much non-drama vibes. Drama sucks. Not loving the whole 'vague' thing either, but as The Hubby says: Trust the Vision.

Have a great vacation!!!!! :)

Nicole P. said...

I leave next Friday morning/mid-day (whatever time my dad and brother show up with a truck) and as of 4:00 today I'm officially unemployed.

Just email me and let me know what you drama-filled schedule is like next week Mon-Thurs :) I have dinners planned Tues and Wed and a lunch Thurs, otherwise everything else is flexible.

Say hi to the Jefferson Memorial and the National History Museum for me. They are my favorites. :)

alyndabear said...

I'd love to visit DC.. so many cool things there.

Have a great trip and birthday - and fill us in on the drama when you get back. Hee. xo

Aimee said...

Sending Drama-free thoughts. And wishes for a SUPER HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)

Aimee said...

Hey Chick,

I just wanted to check in and make sure everything is okay. Haven't seen hide nor hair of you for awhile.

Hope all is well. Email me