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Friday, June 08, 2007

Three Things...

Carousel Ride near Navy Pier, Chicago

(Photo from do if you're in Chicago this weekend.

Through Sunday, June 10th
11 to 9:30 PM
Grant Park, 300 S. Columbus Dr.,
The largest free outdoor blues event in the world features performances by local and national artists.

June 9 & 10th from Noon to 10PM
4000 N. Lincoln Ave. & Irving Park Road
Ninth annual North Center neighborhood bash features local restaurants selling ribs, live music on two stages, performing dogs, a kids' corner and a senior oasis.

June 9 & 10th
A celebration of the neighborhood’s Swedish heritage includes international foods, arts and crafts, a pet parade, four stages of live music and dancing, kids’ activities;
Foster Ave & Clark Street
A celebration of the neighborhood's Swedish heritage includes international foods, arts and crafts, a pet parade and four stages of live music and dancing.

For the full 4-1-1, go to
*EDIT - I should mention that The Targo gave me all of this information. And that, I'm pretty sure he only put Ribfest in there because I'm beyond yacktastically opposed to meat on a bone. In fact, I'm gagging a little writing about that. Wings? They look like elbows. Legs and ribs? Yup that's exactly what they look like. Boneless chicken breast? It looks like nothing but good eats. It makes me wonder how I survived two years in Memphis with this issue.


L Sass said...

Dude, AS will be in Chi-town NEXT weekend.... so you'll have to do a second edition.

Michelle said...

Hahaha. So how does the Targo feel about being listed AFTER the cats??

Marianne said...

I will try to do something for next weekend too. Unfortunately, I will be out of town for Father's Day. Bums me out. Despite that, there should be a lot of stuff going on.

Hi Nogy! I can't believe you signed in as "michelle." I was almost like "who?"

Nicole P. said...

I have a friend coming into town either Thursday night or Friday night for dinner, but otherwise next week is totally open!

Email me at and let's definitely set something up!

slinger said...

Hmmmmmm, Rib fest.

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMBO @ yacktastically! Excellent word. You need to write a Marianne Slang Dictionary.


(I hate hate anything on a bone, too. Eugh!)

alyndabear said...

Yucktastic! Love it. ;)

It looks like a blast.. warm weather and festivals and summery things.. I am so jealous!