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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Belly Watch #1

I promise not to get super boring about this... No! Really!

My mom said by the time she was 3 months pregnant, she was already wearing maternity clothes. Okay, I'm not there, thank God, but I can no longer suck in my stomach. Pants that fit two weeks ago are uncomfortably tight. And I feel like every shirt I have has puffy silkscreen that says "HEY! Look at my fat belly!" There might also be unicorns on that shirt.

It's just awkward to be in that phase where you have to decide between wearing clothes that are too tight, wearing clothes that are way too big, or buying a bunch of new work clothes in a size that hurts your heart.

I know this is all part of the process and I know that it's all so worth it. I'm not really complaining, just trying to reason with myself.

You know what would make it all better? Having a job where I could wear scrubs. Is there another work uniform that's closer to pajamas? That's truly my dream.

On a completely unrelated note: Have any of you ever hired people to help you move? I don't mean official movers; rather, starving college students to help you get your stuff on the truck. If so, what seems like a reasonable amount of money?


Humor Girl said...

lol... I'm certain there's a unicorn on every shirt I don't feel skinny in.

L Sass said...

Maybe you can make do with some cheap skirts that have an elastic waistband? Buying in S,M,L sizes might be easier to take.

Not that I know anything. I am happily barren.

Anonymous said...

Honey, I was wearing maternity clothes at 9 weeks! Go for it! Revel in being pregnant! :)

Yes, we have always hired movers to move us and it's worth every penny :)

No lifting heavy things, Miss Expectant Mamma. Y'hear?

alyndabear said...

My gut is expanding and I'm not even pregnant! Bloody winter and junk food!

L Sass has a good idea - with the elastic. Stretchy goodness! :)

(The unicorn comment made me giggle.)

The Wooden Porch said...

Many maternity pants allow you to grow in them. If you go for maternity, you'll look more pregnant. If you go with bigger clothes, you'll look fat (or chubby or whatever nice word there is for it). I can usually wear one size maternity until closer to the end and then I have to jump up a size. You should check them out at least. So many of them are really, really cute! Plus they'll fit you everywhere whereas bigger clothes (non-m) will be bigger around the arms and everywhere else that you aren't expanding... yet. ;-)

Also, try looping a rubber band through your regular pant buttons to give you a little more wiggle room. I can send you a pic of that if I'm not making sense. It works well for this in-between phase.

Another thing about m. clothes is they allow you relief. My tummy is always tender when I'm pregnant and just taking that pressure off is wonderful.

Hope that helps!