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Friday, July 20, 2007

Movin' on Up...To The Same Side...

As I've mentioned a bajillion times, The Targo and I are moving next weekend. I'm so excited! I'm admittedly pathetic being this excited about a move just a mile away, into a place that's only about 100 square feet bigger than our current place. But still! It's a new place! Rah! (Exclamation point much?)

Right now, our apartment is the picture of chaos. The Targo and I are both frightened that all of the boxes might kill us in our sleep. The cats, however, are enjoying new places to either judge or attack us from. As I type, they're plotting my demise from on high.

For the past four years, The Targo and I have lived in the mole hole with its lack of natural light, awesome view of the inside of our garage, loud ass neighbors (we get back at them with New Cat), and odd smells that would send Mike Rowe running. We'll be renting a coach house WITH NO NEIGHBORS (except possibly a random guy downstairs), lots of windows, and only our own stinky selves.

See why I'm excited?


I'm also very excited about the new Harry Potter book. My roommate, occasionally known as my husband, has been making fun of me nonstop regarding this matter. I'm trying to keep my "squeees" to a minimum.


Anonymous said...

Yay for new apartments! Yay for no neighbours and windows! Yay for HARRY POTTER (Heh. Take that Targo...)

Hey, Marianne, your blog is looking lovely and PINK all of a sudden. Any news?????

Marianne said...

We're not going to find out if Peanut's a boy/girl... I was trying to match the ticker. :)

Anonymous said...

Nyuk, nyuk! :) It looks great! Love the 'redecorated' blog :)