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Friday, July 13, 2007

Weekend Update: "Life is Tapestry" Version

First of all, thank you for all of the supportive comments about my uncle. I'm honestly not sure what I was thinking posting that. Perhaps I just got tired of saying to The Targo "Can you imagine?"

(And also, I do that "first of all," "second of all..." thing in real
life. It's yet another one of my annoying speech traits.)
So, the wedding is on. My aunt talked to my cousin and his bride-to-be. She said something like "Your dad wouldn't want that day to be about him. He would want to celebrate you. So, if you're okay, please have your wedding." That's much paraphrasing from my mom, who's mostly reliable. I cried. It might be because I'm a large (that should be bold and underlined) hormonal mess.

The Targo - and our cats, because we're crazy and we have unreliable air conditioning - will head to my parents' house tomorrow morning and likely stay for a couple days, depending on when the funeral is scheduled.

I have to brag on my husband for a second. I swear I love this man more every day. He's a sensitive, gooey, chicken-legged man who is also strong. He just doesn't have those dude hang-ups where he can't show emotion. He's been awesome with my crazy (and how) and now family sadness.

On a whole other topic: I told my super-high-up boss (vague... VAGUE!) yesterday that I'm expecting. He was very excited, and as the father of 3 children, he asked a lot of chick questions: "Do you want to know the sex?" "Is your family excited?" So cute. I was bit concerned because my job is very independent and no one else knows how to do the majority of my job (that's why I went to nerd camp in Pennsylvania). I'm really hoping to have some flexibility when I come back to work - maybe telecommute one or two days and/or work on Saturday. We'll see. No one is indispensable.

Have a great weekend.

*EDIT* Does anyone else have trouble with the spacing on Blogger sometimes?


L Sass said...

It sounds like your family (and hubby) are really pulling together and being supportive right now. How wonderful!

Also, so great that you got such a positive reaction from the big boss! Let the baby-having begin!!

Kristabella said...

I think that is a great attitude by your family about staying with the plans for the wedding. It sounds like everyone needs a little bit of joy right now.

That's cute your boss is so excited for you! Because some bosses can be such douches.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that everyone is doing okay and that you're all pulling together. Very sweet, indeed.

And yeah for understanding bosses. I just visited my new job and found out that a lot of women are pregnant. I'm hoping it's not in the water. hehe.

Blogger is a pain in the butt if you run it with Internet Explorer. No spacing problems if you run it with Firefox. Just a tip. :) hehe.