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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cat Abuse

*EDIT* With Crazy Cat Lady Pictures.

We're getting a new dishwasher today, so the poor cats will be locked in the Peanut-Room/office until late this evening.

Fortunately, we received another generous package from Amy last night. Not only did it have more Peanut supplies, but there was also something for the cats.


What's going on in there?




So, unlike when we'd have to incarcerate them in the molehole, they have windows! comfy chairs! and an awesome cat-shaped cat tent! They're such spoiled jerks.


Kristabella said...

Please let me know if they actually go in.

Mine wouldn't. They'd pee on it and move along.

And then give me the death stare for even trying to bring something like that into the house.

Aimee said...

um, please find out where she got that! It is TOO CUTE.

Right now, we have a large box from the produce department - kind of like a cardboard flat - that the cats just can't stay out of. lol

Cat's are silly.

Mary said...

That's awesome...i discovered my cat's tent obsession when I moved home after college. My sister had one of those for her dolls and my cat pretty much took it over. now that i have 2 cats, we've probably gone through 3 or 4 of them; they tear it up fighting inside it!