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Monday, September 03, 2007

The Halftime Report

Or, BellyWatch #3. Twenty weeks, Internets. Halfway home! The ultrasound is on Friday, so The Targo and I will finally be able to see Peanut.

This photo couldn't be much more embarrassing. Well, maybe if you could see the chocolate milk I spilled on myself just moments before. I have to say that, Yes, I'm overweight, but the gut? That's allll Peanut. The booty? That's all mine!

We just got home from our fabulous trip to St. Louis. (We had an awesome time and I love that city so much. I have a couple pictures and I'll tell you about it later.) The first thing I did, besides feed the Grand Canyon sized pit in my stomach, was make a complete jerk of myself. We have new neighbors, who seem so super nice. They introduced themselves to The Targo and me like we could be great friends. And here's what happened:

Neighbors: We're so nice. You're going to love having us downstairs. We rock. [possibly slightly paraphrased.]

Me, before I even said hello: I have to warn you that we're having a baby in January. I just feel the need to disclose that because it might be noisy. [definitely paraphrased to appear less ass-ish.]

Neighbors: Oh. *crestfallen* Well, we won't be partying it up or anything. We're really responsible, nice people. [only a wee bit paraphrased to appear less hurt and offended]

Me: *stupid dumb stare*

The neighbors tried to politely change the subject.

Me: Omigod. What I meant is that it might be loud upstairs with a newborn. I just wanted to warn you. I wasn't worried about us.

Although I desperately tried to hide under our about-to-collapse porch, nothing seemed to end this awkward interaction. When The Targo managed to excuse us, I started freaking out. What's wrong with me, people? I just wanted to say "Hi! It's so nice to meet you" and I ended up sounding like an old lady warning the young whippersnappers about making noise. Someone put me out of my misery? Please?


alyndabear said...

Are you crazy? You look fantastic, and all belly!

(Now my overweight gut that hangs over my pants sans-baby is embarrassing!)

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Waaaah! You look fanastic!! :)

Drink a glass of juice one hour before your ultrasound. It will make Peanut very active. I did the same with Lovely Daughter and she was so cute and rollie-pollie!

You're posting Peanuts Debut Photo, right??

Kristabella said...

You look great!

I'm just going to start telling people I'm 20 weeks preggers. Since that's what mah belly looks like.

I did the same thing with my pot-smoking neighbors below me. Except I was all "I have two cats. They are loud. I'm sorry."

L Sass said...

You look adorable! Your belly looks 100% Peanut and 0% Cheetos. That's the way we like it!

I would have totally done the same thing with the new neighbors. I am so awkward without even trying!

Nicole P. said...

Geez you are tiny, sister!

Faith said...

YAY! Halfway. Good for you - I have to warn you though, the last half is the looooongest! :-)
You are SO tiny for being 20 weeks!

The Wooden Porch said...

You look great!

That story is so funny! Lately I have been in those situations where I've said something dumb in the first place only on top of that it's come out wrong and I CAN NOT recover from it and the conversation just ends horribly. So I can feel your pain, honey.