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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crazy Watch Day 2

The Targo is a Saint.

It was a stressful two days, but fortunately it's over and my parents made it home safe and sound. I know now that when we buy a place, we will have to have a guest room, or cottage, or house on an entirely different lot.

Thankfully we're back to normal!

Oh wait! No we're not! My gosh, Internets. Our phone is out again! Again!

We had to wait at home all day for a technician yesterday. Originally they were supposed to be here between 8 and noon. Then it was going to be shortly after noon. And then it was going to be by 5:00. Well, at 6:00, they still weren't here and I was homicidal.

I'd like to recap our phone, cable, internet drama: We'd initially had an appointment to install our services the Saturday we moved in - they didn't show. The Targo had to take a half day off the following week for the install. A week after everything was up and running, Evil Phone-Cable-Interweb conglomerate disconnected our services on-site (cut the actual cable!). They sent someone out two days later and that was fine. Exactly a week later, we had no phone service again! They claimed they did their "due diligence" by calling us, but they couldn't reach us -- because our phone was out, which is why we called them in the first place (they have three numbers for us and they called one)! So, now, after they couldn't bother to come yesterday (or call - we called repeatedly to check the status), we have to wait until Thursday for a technician. (Poor us. Like we're lacking food, water, and shelter.)

The worst part about this is if we want these services, there are very few options. Our building is set up for only one of those limited choices. Um, monopoly much?

How sad is it that I can't wait for Monday?