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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Daydreamin' of the Weekend

Are you all excited for the three-day weekend? Yay! Me too.

One of my crazy Californian aunts is flying into Chicago tonight. I'm going pick her up at the airport and she is taking The Targo and me out to dinner. The Targo will love this because ah) his frugal nature doesn't mind when other people spend money on us, and buh) my aunt thinks he's the cat's pajamas and will spend the evening telling him how wonderful he is.

On Friday, we have to pack the kitty cats up and take them to The Targo's parents' house because we're heading down to St. Louis on Saturday morning. Rah! I haven't seen most of the lunatics down there since our big 30th birthday bash. And, there have been three babies born since then. Omigah. I'm not sure what's on our agenda other than a baseball game on Saturday night, but it should be fun. (Go Cardinals! Sorry Kristabella.)

It's going to be a fun group of about 6 of my old college friends, their significant others, and a couple of babies. Do any of you St. Louisans have any good ideas of St. Louis-y eating spots that will be good for us? I might have to indulge in some Toasted Ravioli, because it's been YEARS!

PS - Amalah has a perrrty redesign going on. I heart pink and green.


Liz said...

I went to college near St Louis - and cheesy as it is, I love IMO'S. Love it. miss it.

Marianne said...

Oh yeah... Imo's is pretty tasty, but I've got to tell you, Liz - after 8 years in Chicago with Chicago pizza, it's a little disappointing. Where'd you go to school?

Kristabella said...

Have a good trip! I have only been to St. Louis a few times and you want to know what's sad? Every time we end up at Fridays. Because they make stiff drinks.

Go Cubs! :)

L Sass said...

I've never been to St. Louis, so you're on your own. But the weekend sounds like a good eatin' good friends time--my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip!

Am excited about the long weekend cuz my b-day is few days later. :)

Am not excited cuz The Hubby goes back to school :(

Mary said...

As a st. louisian, I really like Joe Boccardi's at the Coronado (it's on Lindell across from SLU campus). They have good toasted rav's and amazing pizza! Plus you can sit outside if you want, which should be pretty nice this weekend.