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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gloaty Gloaterson

So, yeah... That was me yesterday. "This pregnancy has been awesome! All is rockin'. My body? She loves me."

And then I ate spicy chicken fingers (not wings, because they're elbows) and I was nauseous and worthless the rest of the day. My daily chocolate milk fix? Just aggravated it! That awesome cookie from Starbucks? I thought I was in hell.

Today, the tummy is growing. I can feel the ligaments stretching. I was doubled over this morning between that and the nausea. I had forgotten that growing pains sucked so much.

But really, I'm not complaining. I'm humbly admitting that things aren't perfect. And also, I'll remember to knock on wood the next time I talk about how easy this has been.


lifeasamama said...

sorry to hear about the aches and pains... it really does feel like an alien takes over your body, doesn't it? and when chocolate milk doesn't fix it, you KNOW it's bad!

Anonymous said...

Oh, jeepers! I remember all that, except I was like Linda Blair with my nausea. *shudder*

Sending you good wishes to feel better soon. At least you'll get to do some shopping (when you're up to it) cuz Peanut needs more room :)

L Sass said...

Yeowch. That sucks. Why does having a baby have to make people sick????

Hope you feel better today!

Nicole P. said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling icky but glad to hear that Peanut is doing well!

Kristabella said...

Man, that damn Murphy and his law.

Hope this is temporary and you're feeling better soon!

alyndabear said...

*big hugs*

Hope the crampy bloats go away.. and pronto.

Jess said...

Oh, do I remember the round ligament pain. The hot, searing, sudden pain. And to think lately I've been thinking about another one....

I'll just hang around here for the next few months and "talk" myself out of it. :)

kate5kiwis said...

OMG i just noticed your ticker says you're nearly half way there!!!
that is *so* exciting, have you felt movement yet?? would you believe that after five sprogs i can't remember *when* you're supposed to feel bubba moving, but i remember the excitement of lying in bed with hubby holding his hands on my tummy trying to feel that butterfly feeling... and in later weeks when it is *really* obvious... baby's arms and legs go everywhere.
ohgosh all this chat is making me clucky lol X

Anonymous said...

LOL Kate! I felt Lovely Daughter at 16 weeks. My doc said most 1st time moms feel the baby around 18-20 weeks.

Marianne - remember to tell us the moment you feel Peanut move! Pleeeaaasseeee???