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Monday, August 13, 2007

How Bizarre

Last night I had a dream that The Targo and I were at the movies. While waiting for the movie, I saw this large nondescript crowd around this strange looking young man. Because I'm nosier in my dreams than in real life, I went to look at the fuss.

The odd man had Mystic! And... he was trying to put a cloth diaper on her! What the hell? I couldn't get past the crowd to get to my little Diva, so I had to jump off the second story, down into the kiddie playground below. The logistics and McGuyver-esque nature of this make no sense to me either, but somehow I got up to where the bad man and my cat were and KICKED HIS ARSE.

I'm sure there are many analyses for this dream. I prefer to think it was a combination of having Mystic step on my head at 3:00 this morning and my anger at the evil Phone-Cable-Interweb conglomerate shutting off our services... because they're inept. But maybe? It's just a crazy pregnancy dream.

Happy Monday.


Kristabella said...

I love that he wasn't just taking your cat, but trying to put a DIAPER on him! Hilarious!

I'm going with crazy pregnancy dreams. Can't wait to hear more!

L Sass said...

Ha! I hope that you only get crazier, preggo!

Anonymous said...

ROTFL! Enter Crazy Pregnancy Dreams.

Aren't hormones fun?

lifeasamama said...

what i liked the best was that it wasn't just a diaper... it was a CLOTH diaper!

way to go, preggo mama!

Christi said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Yours is great as well. Definitely one I'll keep up with. Congrats on your baby. Are preggo dreams the craziest? LOL Boy do I have stories...

Jenny H. said...

I had the craziest dreams when I was pregnant with both the boys. And some rather, um , interesting ones as well!

Definitely pregnancy!

Thanks for the comment. I will continue reading because I love hearing about other people's pregnancies.

Did that sound creepy?

Aimee said...

Oh sh*t! I always have crazy dreams - (so does Mark!) I better get us both a pee stick. :) hehe.

I had a bad cable conglomerate day yesterday too! suckage!

Anonymous said...

ROTFL @ aimee's comment. Hee hee!

I love that you dreamed about a cloth diaper on the cat too. Not only are you a crazy pregnant dreamin' lady, you're an eco-friendly crazy pregnant dreamin' lady.

Watch out Targo! LOL!