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Monday, August 06, 2007

New Home: Before and After

"Moved in" is such a relative term. I mean, The Targo and I are officially "moved in," but there are still boxes galore. We have a kitchen, very nearly a living room, just about a bathroom, almost a bedroom... and we shall not speak of the office. Lord.

Between 1999 and 2002, I moved at least nine times. So, I'm not really used to unpacking. I can totally work with chaos. The Targo is, how shall I put this, a little more anal orderly. The boxes and disarray make him want to flee. Flee right now!

My point is, I don't know when we're going to be "moved in" enough to take pictures. But, here are some before pictures that we took while our landlady was cleaning and repainting.

Dated kitchen with modern amenities. The room has five times as many cabinets as the mole hole did. I heart it very much. And also? Do you see what that is in the corner? Yes, that's a window! It's one of two in the kitchen alone. That was the total number of windows in the entire mole hole.

This is the living room. I don't know how much detail comes through on these pictures, but there's gorgeous moulding (molding?) throughout the apartment. It's just one of the several nice vintage details. One of the bedrooms, that cannot be called a "master" due to its 8'x12' dimensions, has a built-in chest of drawers.

Okay, these next two are "after" shots. This is Magic, surveying his new domain.

And this is the focal point on our about-to-collapse front porch. And you'd just better beware, buddy.


L Sass said...

Hooray for cabinet space!!!! The place looks like it has tons of potential... you'll have to post pictures again when The Targo has unpacked everything (which he should do, seeing as how you're in a delicate condition.)

Anonymous said...

Yay for windows and cabinets!

We moved almost a month ago and I'm still swimming in boxes....

Kristabella said...

Is that a DISHWASHER?!?!?

So, so jealous.