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Friday, August 03, 2007

Belly Watch #2

Clothes! I needs clothes!

Most of my shirts are fitted in some way. And, um, that's just not working so well anymore. So Monday, I wore a maternity shirt. I thought it was a cute little ensemble when my mom gave it to me: a little white tank top and a rose one-button sweater. Then I put it on? It may as well have been a box. Ick. Oh well... It was either that or a Cardinals t-shirt.

Tuesday, I put on a pair of maternity pants (also from my mom). They're so not flattering! First of all, tapered? No! No no no! Secondly, I can't remember the last time I wore something with an elastic waist that wasn't athletic oriented. But Good Lawd, they are COMFY!

The Targo was kind enough to do laundry yesterday while he waited for the phone/cable/internet guy. I was excited that I would have something to wear today. Sadly, I went through three pairs of pants this morning before finding a pair that didn't strangle Peanut. (Hooray for Gap khakis!)

I admit it. My clothes don't fit. (Isn't admitting you have a problem the first step?) Tonight, I'll suck it up and store all of my jeans and pants and cute tops... and go shopping. If I wasn't so cheap I would visit some of the trendy mom-to-be boutiques around Chicago. But really, I wouldn't pay $95 for a non-maternity shirt (on sale!). Why would I buy one now?


Anonymous said...

Think Old Navy Maternity (ahhhh!). Plus eBay. Yep, get the expensive, and oh-so-comfy, brands like Motherhood and A Pea in the Pod on eBay for cheap-o.

I wore all these ones when I was pregnant - for the record, I was HUGE - and they were all super comfy. For pants, I'd recommend the below the waist maternity ones (I think they're called a demi-waist, or something similar).

Happy shopping!

Kristabella said...

I was at Tar-get this past weekend and they had a bunch of cute materity stuff!

My one friend swore by Gap's maternity clothes because the waistbands are sliding or something, so they'll fit you as you get bigger.

Good luck!

L Sass said...

I second the Target suggestion! Sometimes I accidentally wander into the Maternity section there, thinking something is cute.

And L.Sass = NOT pregnant. NEVER NEVER NEVER

Anonymous said...

Target is excellent! They carry Liz Lange maternity, which is soooooo comfy. Seriously comfy.

Let us know what you buy! :)

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