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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Belly Watch #4

Twenty-two weeks. Good Lord, is this time going by quickly! Probably because The Targo and I are SO ILL-PREPARED! At least the child will have a roof over its head, but other than that? Well, Peanut isn't going to be living a life of luxury. We haven't signed up for baby classes, we're still unsure about childcare (that's mostly because work options are still being discussed in my quarter), and we've got NO furniture. I keep reminding us that there's still plenty of time. Right?

Sweet God, FAT PHOTO:

We haven't figured out the best way to take these photos. Well, that's not quite true: The Targo takes a fine photo and I'm all "OMIGAH! LOOK AT MY SEVEN CHINS!" As a result, you get booty and gut. Perhaps the black tanktops or t-shirts aren't the best options?

Today, I officially outgrew my last pair of fat pants. I'm a little on the heart-broken side, because that means I have to shop some more. Shopping and I are not BFFs. Partly because I'm chunky and mostly because I'm cheap.

Last thing, it appears that as my belly grows, my brain shrinks. On Sunday, The Targo and I went for brunch in our old 'hood. When we got home, I was feeling poorly and I had my hands full of stuff. I got out of the car and at some point dropped the faceplate to the car stereo. The damn thing has no monetary value on its own, but of course, it's gone. I posted a couple of fliers to see if anyone would return it:

In Black Leather Case
Dumb blonde girl dropped it on Sunday on the XXXX block of XXXXXX Avenue
and didn't notice. She's pregnant, so give the Sister a break.
If found, nice person with the awesome hair,
please call XXX-XXX-XXXX. You're fab!

(I really did post a flier, but it wasn't nearly as fun.) Interwebs, if you see it, will you give me a call?


Christi said...

I love preggo pics! Sorry to hear about your faceplate. Been there, done that. Hope someone finds it and brings it back to you. :) Cute flier!

Jess said...

That's 22 weeks? You're looking pretty awesome. By the time I was 22 weeks I was looking ready to give birth at any moment.

Oh, and the brain thing. Yeah, it gets worse. By the time you actually give birth to the child you'll be so brain dead that you won't remember to bring socks to the hospital.

Oh, wait. That was me.

Liz said...

no kidding - I'm 10 weeks behind you and look much bigger than you. But you look fabulous!!!

Kristabella said...

You're so silly! You're not fat at all! You look great!

I've heard that the whole memory thing goes out the window when you are preggers. I'm scared. Since I'm already like that.

Anonymous said...

You have such a cute pregnant belly. :)

If it makes you feel any better, I was that size at 12 weeks. Uh huh. At 20 weeks, people were asking me when I was due. Niiiiccceee.

Don't worry about the furniture. The Hubby didn't even paint the nursery until I was 36 weeks. That includes putting up the crib, etc.

After all that, Lovely Daughter slept in the bassinette until she was 4 months old! LOL!

Oh, and the memory thing? It never comes back. Sorry!

Tara said...

You're so tiny for being 22 weeks along.

Funy flier! :-)

alyndabear said...

You look very sweetly round. Not fat at all! :)

L Sass said...

You look great and belly-ful! I love the tummy watch.

I think you'd definitely get some responses if you went with the flyer language you posted here!

Faith said...

Okay, sweetheart, you have just GOT to stop calling your pregnant body "fat". You are tiny for 24 weeks! I know, I know, it's terribly tough to have your body become huge - somewhat against your will - even though you do want this baby so very much, BUT it will all be worth it in the end.
About materinity clothes - check Target. They've got some great basics at lower prices, and check the thrift stores like goodwill, or consignment stores. Even the baby/child consignment stores will often have gently used maternity stuff.
About being un-prepared: give yourself a break! The baby really doesn't need as much as the stores & baby magazines would lead one to believe. My favorite piece of baby furniture: the pack N play with basinette attachment. It's the bomb.
Have fun in Italy and be sure to stay hydrated (dehydration will give you TONS of contractions)