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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


While lying in bed the other night, I felt more than the previous pops and tickles. I swear, it felt like a knocking. I yelled for The Targo to come quick (I'm sure he thought I was bleeding from my eyes or something). And we lay together very quietly for a few minutes. *Knock-knock*

Me: Did you feel that?

The Targo: Yeah. Wow!

Me: At least it doesn't hurt yet. Pretty soon it will be all "Woman! You get back in the kitchen and make me some pie!"*

*Am I too old to quote South Park?


Liz said...

yay for the knocking! I just have sloshing still.

L Sass said...

That's exciting!!

You're never too old for South Park!

Christi said...

Aw..the knocking. And NO you're never too old for South Park! :)

The Hotfessional said...

How wonderful! Now, next will be the elbowing. And the kicking. And the head-butting. And the butt-butting!

I'm jealous actually. It's been 15 years and 331 days since Shortman was born. I loved every minute of being preggers.

alyndabear said...

That's adorable! I actually laughed out loud with the South Park quote, so no, you're not too old!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yay! How exciting! After the elbows, arms, legs, you can expect the BIIIIGGGG STRETCH. Oh yeah. Wait till The Targo claps eyes on that!

Congratulations! This is a major milestone. :)

Kristabella said...

Very exciting!

Next time you should ask "Who's there?"

My name is Rima. said...

Oh, yeas. It only gets better from there!