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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Of Technology and Nothing to Say


So, not too much is going on here. The Targo and I had our ultrasound appointment on Friday and it was amazing. Seeing Peanut, live and in black and white, was very cool. We've already decided that, like his/her father, Peanut is not a morning person. The ultrasound tech had to shake my belly (which did not feel so awesome) repeatedly to get Peanut to move. But, we got a couple "cute" pictures.

What? Oh, why are there no pictures posted? Well, it's not just that I worried about them freaking people out (like my poor friend, Nogy), but also that we can't find the cord to our scanner. It might be in the same box as my internal monologue, which is still MIA. The important thing is that everything looks good, and despite all of my weird dreams, I am not pregnant with a cat.

After our appointment, we left for Wisconsin. The weekend itself was uneventful, but we had a great time. The Targo's aunt and uncle could not be nicer people. They spoiled us rotten with home cooked meals, great conversation, and a ride on their pontoon boat. I didn't want to come home.

Aside from my slight homicidal tendencies at work (and really, I'm not going to go postal, it's just been chaotic, stupid, and busy.), not much else is shaking. After such a nice weekend, you'd think I'd be all refreshed and stuff. Meh. But, I hope you kids had a great weekend too!


Aimee said...

hehe yeah for seeing a peanut! and a real baby! not a cat! (although, I really did wonder about that!) hehe.

Kristabella said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear the ultrasound went well and everything is good with Peanut.

And that Peanut is not a cat!

L Sass said...

If you WERE pregnant with a cat, I'm sure it would be the cutest cat I ever saw.

Anonymous said...

Juice! Drink juice 1 hour before an ultrasound. Perks up the baby really well.....Lovely Daughter was like the Flying Zucchini Brothers when I did that!

(Am I too old to reference Muppets characters??)