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Friday, October 12, 2007

Peanut's Debut

Nogy --- Do NOT read this post. Pictures from INSIDE MY BELLY!!! Omigah!

Edit - Just an FYI: The Targo and I decided not to find out sex of the baby. I totally want to be surprised. It will be a great reveal in January.

Last night, The Targo and I had our 3-D ultrasound. Dudes. I've never seen anything like it ... well, I've seen it on other people's sites, but it's totally different when it's your belly and your baby. I hope this isn't TMI ... but I feel like I've warned you!

As was the case with my traditional ultrasound, Peanut was snoozing when we first got there. I find this very funny because the moving inside of my belly has been almost non-stop for the past two weeks. Especially afternoons and evenings. (11:00 pm is when Peanut parties!) The stubborn baby (he/she gets that from The Targo) had arms in front of its face for a good 10 minutes. Much belly jiggling later, we got a couple of cute shots.

So, because I like to pretend you care ... here's Peanut.

But, mommmmmm!

Monkey paws.


I so cannot wait to meet this baby. I'm already desperately in love.


Kristabella said...

Those ultrasounds are so crazy! It's not just a blurry blob on the screen. There! It is your baby! With a nose! And eyes! And hands!

Very awesome! And adorable!

(Wow! That was way too many exclamation points.)

Nonnie Bear said...

Great pictures! I am so jealous! As you know our photo opt didn't turn out so well. But soon enough we'll meet him face to face. Love it!!

The Hotfessional said...

Awwwwwwwwwww. I want a baby. (yes, I know, I'm far too old and besides, have no, y'know, tubes that actually connect.)

Can I be an honorary Aunt?

Anonymous said...

I sooo wish we could have done that with our kids, I'd have been thrilled at the sneak peak. Congratulations! Peanut looks adorable already.

Nicole P. said...

Simply amazing! I hope I get a chance to meet Peanut next time I am in Chicago!

Michelle said...

Jeez, you leave a note for me not to look, so what do I have to do?? Look!!!

I am so glad I did though because ah) they are not those scary, full sized, in-your-womb pics and buh) Le Peanut is hella frikkin adorable.

And yay MR, it looks like Peanut may have your nose! ^o^

audrey said...

All together now: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Liz said...

So, can you not tell if it is a he or a she with all this detail? I could really squeeze the little hand - how sweet!

Rimarama said...

I'm always entranced by those 3-D ultrasound pics, no matter whose baby it is! The last picture is spectacular! You can totally see the little peanut's totally cute little face. How could you NOT already be in love?

Anonymous said...

How adorable! Okay - so building on Nicole's comment - we'll see you in June when we go to Chicago! Can't wait to meet the peanut (and you of course. lol)


janet said...

so cute...and blobby! :)

Did you just close your eyes when they moved the thing to the bottom half of the body?

alyndabear said...

Ohhhh! Peanut is so precious.. I'm already squeeing, so I can't even magine how excited you guys must be.

Beautiful, dear. Just beautiful! I can't wait for January.

Tara said... cute.

Christi said...

How sweet!! I can't wait for January! Your baby is BEAUTIFUL!! I am so excited for you guys.

Anonymous said...

OMGosh, that is the most precious thing I've ever seen (next to Lovely Daughter, of course). The detail is so amazing that The Hubby can see it from his perch on the sofa across the room1

Wowza, Marianne! I can't wait to meet Peanut, too. I hope the Targo can blog about it when he/she arrives!!

monkeysmomma said...

Those are ADORABLE!!!! Good luck!!

Mary said... cute! Now I want one! (shh, don't tell new hubby!!)