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Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Evening of Trying NOT to Stick My Foot in My Mouth

Dudes! I had so much fun last night! The very pretty, fabulously funny, and totally too cool to be slumming with the likes of me, Kristabella agreed to have dinner with me. She writes some of the funniest stuff on the internet and is just as laugh-out-loud funny (despite what she says) in person. She was even kind enough to not comment on my bad hair and larger-by-the-day belly. Well, she did comment, but it was sweet.

*Kristabella wrote a much more hilarious and eloquent post than I could hope to write, but I have to tell you kids how fabulous she is. And also, that I think meeting bloggers is awesome.*

I was so nervous - like first date nervous - that I was afraid I'd say something like "I love cake" and have to flee the restaurant in shame. It didn't happen, thank God. Nor did I throw my fork when I while spastically talking with my hands. Two-for-two. Rock! The conversation flowed easily: What I found funny is that although we have a lot in common (love of sports, living in Chicago, playing saxophone in band, and thinking Bacon posts are hilarious), we mostly talked about other things. I was completely charmed!

And also, I'm a jerk and sabotaged her diet. (I'm so sorry. I know guacamole and chocolate-covered plantains are not really that good for you. But yummy, right?) But, I had such a great time and hope to hang out again. Can you ever have too many smart and funny friends?
She's so pretty, isn't she? And, is that a Peanut in my belly
or an entire bowl of guacamole? No one told me there would
be days where your belly is huge and then days where you just look fat.

Completely unrelated ... When I got home last night, my cats were nowhere to be found. We had requested some maintenance on our heater (yes, it was 90 on Saturday and 50 on Wednesday), so I was a little concerned that little sneaks went into the attic or got out. Little did I know there was a convention going on, and I so wasn't invited.

Black and white cats only! You go! You go now!

Lastly, I'm down to 100 days to Peanut! I know, I know. It's an estimated due date. Wow, this time has flown by.
Actually... One last thing ... Today is my mom and dad's 33rd wedding anniversary. It's pretty amazing in my mind. And my dad? He's one lucky man.


Nicole P. said...

Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba?

Anonymous said...

Oh, yay! Lucky you two! I've never met a fellow blogger (insert sympathy here) and you two lovlies looked like you had a blast!! Lucky, lucky! :)

Oh, yeah, the amazing disappearing / reappearing belly phenomenon is one of the strange things about pregnancy. You look fab, Marianne. Methinks Peanut is a boy by the way you're carrying. :)

Kristabella said...

Squeeee! It was so much fun! We must do it again! Definitely no slumming at all!

And please, you did not sabatoge. My lack of will power will NEVER turn down guacamole or any kind of Mexican food of any kind!

L Sass said...

You two look adorable... and definitely pregnant, NOT fat.

However, now I'm totally craving guacamole.

The Hotfessional said...

Oooooh. I think we'll look like stairsteps! Just, you guys have to promise not to call me MOM. You young'ens.

And those kitties? too cute!

Miss said...

It IS fun meeting bloggers!! Glad you had a good time. Are those kitties in the tub? That is adorable and your caption cracked me up.

alyndabear said...

Oh, you both are so beautiful, what's Kristin on a diet for anyway? *makes PAH noises and goes back to the cuteness*

I've been craving guacamole now too. *sigh*

Oh Marianne, you crack me up with your captioning - it's perfect for your wee kitties. :P

zandria said...

Meeting bloggers is fun! I've always had positive experiences (so far).