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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thoughts on a Tuesday

You know I lost the car stereo, right? Well, I had never noticed how many odd noises a 7 year old car makes. If you're driving in Chicago, that person with the really squeaky breaks? That's me. And I'm not sorry. (Okay, I totally am sorry.)

What in the workplace could bruise the ego more than losing a battle royale with the copy machine? Seriously, I spent a good 45 minutes on two different machines this morning. And I still had to resort to making "copies" on my local printer. Hate.


For once in my life, I'm glad my feet are so big. They're disappearing, but not as quickly as they could be. Like, if I wore a size 5.

I'm one of those people who sneezes 5-20 times in a row. I have no idea why, but it's annoying. At least it's not an old man sneeze. Anyway, I had the audacity to sneeze while on a train from Naples to Rome. I was sitting next to these two elderly women. And they were horrified. They glared at me and spent the next hour-and-a-half of the trip with their noses and mouths covered. It was a bit embarrassing, but c'mon. Just because you're sneezing, doesn't mean you've got the plague.


The World Series starts tomorrow. Go Rockies! I'm (for various stupid reasons) opposed to most things New England. My father-in-law is from Massachusetts and gave me so much grief when the Red Sox broke my heart beat the Cardinals in the 2004 World Series. Tom Brady? Yeah, he's an outstanding quarterback, but I (again, for various reason) cannot stand him. The Targo has Brady as his QB in his fantasy league. I've been fruitlessly rooting against him since week one. Go Colts or Steelers or Chiefs! Or hell, any other AFC team. No really, Go Colts!

This post should really be called "Thoughts of a Crabby Lady." Heh.


L Sass said...

I can't stop sneezing once I start either!


Becca said...

I usually sneeze four times in a row! Thanks for your comment on my site! It sounds like we have some things in common (total dissertation burnout, most notably).

The Hotfessional said...

We'll uncrab you honey.