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Monday, November 05, 2007

Love Affairs

Janet of Love Is Blonde does a regular series of Love/Hate posts. I didn't mean to copy, but I totally did. Just wanted to disclose.

I woke up in a pretty good mood this morning, despite my fourteen fights with both cats during the night. Anyway, the day has continued to be pleasant (I don't want to jinx it!), and I think there are couple of reasons why.

Love: When I left for work this morning, it was already daylight. Today, I could actually see my handsome husband in the car (not just his shadow), for the first workday morning since July. How awesome. (It sucks that it will be dark before 5:00 though.)

Love: I no longer have blue Icee in my hair. Not that I didn't try to clean it out last night, but I did get it all until I showered this morning. (Why is this such a stupidly complicated story?) But, there are no lasting effects. (This was a concern because I'm irrationally hair vain and also, pink shampoo once stained my hair for a week.)

Love: There's still Halloween candy, everywhere. Well, everywhere except in my house. Because The Targo ate it all. (Aside - He had a small package of Blow Pops and I'm pretty sure the trick-or-treaters got just one of them.) That's okay, that means I didn't eat all of the candy. My in-laws, Starbucks, work, strangers at bus stops, all have a ton of candy. And there are two sweet things I cannot resist: chocolate chip cookies and Kit-Kats. The Kit-Kats are everywhere. I'm seeing them in my sleep. Were they on sale this year? Why does everyone and their public-transit-riding granny have them? I've already had two Kit-Kats today.


The Hotfessional said...

I actually had an orange KitKat bar today. No kidding. White chocolate dyed orange.


Kristabella said...

They make orange Kit Kats? And no one told me???

I like the first few days of the fall time change. Because when I wake up at 6:30, my body thinks it is 7:30 and feels like it got an extra hour of sleep.

My body is kind of a dim wit.

L Sass said...

I also love having light in the morning. I can finally run before work again!! Wahoo!

Becca said...

I took a whole bag of leftover Halloween Kit Kats to the hospital with me and they were gone by the end of our first day home. And don't get me started on chocolate chip cookies. I absolutely CANNOT resist them. The power they hold over me is strange and magical (and total).

Tara said...

I absolutely love Kit Kats too. It's one of the things I cannot resist. And, during Halloween time...they're everywhere.

janet said...

sometimes you just gotta do a love/hate. some days I wanna do a hate/hate post, lol!