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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Whistler's Mother

At my old job, one of the mean old ladies (MOL) who worked in my unit was a chronic whistler. Fortunately, she could carry a tune. But the whistling. All. The. Time. It was so painful. It made us all miserable. Sadly, it was an office full of people who weren't boat rockers. So we just let it go for months on end. Finally, someone had a breakdown and screamed at her. Rather than of any of us having the cajones to say "Could you please stop whistling?" the situation got out of hand. And the MOL, all along, had not realized she was doing it. Naturally, her feelings were hurt that no one had said anything before.

Now *sigh* I have a similar situation. Except in this case, the whistler is not so talented. And the mind-grating nature of the whistling is only compounded by the slew of additional bad office mate habits she possesses.

I'm still a wuss. I hate hurting people's feelings or pointing out stupid things like this. And honestly, it makes me feel like "oh, I'm so superior that I can point out your issues." Also, isn't this my issue? This is why I vent, rather than one day exploding.


Kristabella said...

Oh man, that's like the chick who pops her gum that sits next to me!

And I'm so passive agressive, the best I could come up with was to print out the Wikipedia entry for TMJ and highlight the part that says TMJ can be caused by excessive gum chewing.

I'm no better.

Marianne said...

Kristabella: You're brilliant. Maybe I could find an article discussing the correlation between whistling co-workers and "goin' postal" incidents. Maybe I could WRITE that article. hmm.

Becca said...

Oh man, that would drive me nuts! There was a girl in my old office at school who would sigh (LOUDLY) repeatedly, like at least eight times every hour. Charlie was born and I started working from home and when I got back she was gone, but man did I ever want to hurl my stapler over there!

The Hotfessional said...

Three (or is it two) words:

Anonymous E-mail.

If you can't do it, let the internet do it for you!

L Sass said...

I am in the "stew and explode" camp myself... so if you find a "professional" or "mature" way to handle this, do let me know.

Nicole P. said...

Tell her she is upsetting the baby!

Candy said...

Ask her if she's on her way to the mines with the other dwarfs. OK maybe not.

I would probably say something, in as humorous a voice as I could find, like "If you don't stop whistling, I'm going to find a gun and shoot you." You doubt I could sound humorous saying that? Pshaw.

alyndabear said...

I'd be mentioning it .. just in a funny sort of way. Like, "Oh, is it you that does all the whistling around here? Now I know who the culprit is! Har Har Har."