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Monday, December 10, 2007

Belly Watch #9

PHEW! It's been a busy weekend! Busy, but fun. It began with picking Amy up from the airport on Friday night. She's so incredibly awesome. We stayed up way too late gossipping like teenage girls. The Targo just looked at us and shook his head. Whatever, he's just as goofy as we are.

My friend, Colleen, hosted a baby shower for us on Saturday. And what an amazing hostess she was! She catered the party with quiche, mimosas, salads, and mini-cheesecakes. I had SO MUCH SUGAR! Our friends were ridiculously generous and I'm so grateful. Unfortunately, we have no place to put our loot as of right now. Our second bedroom is still The Targo's office, but is currently being overrun with all things baby.

Adorable photo album Colleen made for us. It's currently filled with great parenting advice like "Don't eat yellow snow" and "Kids hate casserole."

LOOT! (And also, SLOBS!)

Amy, The Targo and I just palled around the rest of the day. We went to one of our old haunts for dinner and chilled at a bookstore for a while. Unfortunately, my stamina has completely plummetted and I was ready to call it a night around 8:30-9:00. Everyone humored me because they're sweet. Or, they feared my wrath.

On Sunday, The Targo and I had a baby class that was absolutely amazing. Our anatomically correct baby doll was a girl. I'm sure that's no indicator of things to come, despite the opinions of the wizened old ladies I know. Like my heartburn, lack of morning sickness, or the way I'm carrying.

Anyhoo. This week's micro-insult: We decided to have lunch at a cute neighborhood sandwich place. We drove, which was mistake number one. We found a parking place almost immediately and were waiting for the current occupant to pull out when some dude and his dad drove around us and pulled into the space. I rolled the window down and said, "Dude!! We've been waiting for that spot. We had our blinker on and you drove around us to pull into it!" He looked at us like we were chewing gum on his shoe and said "That's not how you parallel park" (My head exploded!) The Targo, my wonderful, mild-mannered husband, actually swore at the guy. We were going to make another lap and find a new parking space, but the dude and his father went into the place we were headed. I told The Targo that I was likely to get into a hormone-induced fight and that we should try something else. He wisely heeded his insane wife's warning. HATE! I'm much better now.

Also, it's week 34. I don't know what to say about it except it's been a hard one. I want to live in pajamas, not because I'm uncomfortable, but because when I accidentally catch glimpses in the mirror, I nearly freak. Is that me? Gasp!

I don't know if it was what I had on, but The Targo and I had a really tough time with this picture. So, yeah, the belly is HUGE! And it hurts.

Yes, it is. I recognize the booty. Hmm. Well, here's an okay shot of the mom- and dad-to-be. We're dorks.

Red-eye, so so so pretty. And chubby cheeks. Blah. The Targo looks cute though.


Becca said...

Ohhhh nooooooo you don't take parking spots from pregnant women! The exact same thing happened to me at the gym when I was about 8 months but it was a nineteen year old punk on a cell phone. And he went in the wrong entrance to the parking lot to get my space!! Many many many swear words were used. Many.

Also, you look awesome!

Patricia said...

The last month is the hardest pregnancy-wise. My first child was born a month early so I was spared the very uncomfortable time; the second was a week late. That last month is for mom's to get are SO SICK of being pregnant you're ready to RUN to the hospital when labour starts. You look wonderful please don't be hard on yourself. You are not fat, you are pregnant. You need the weight to keep the baby healthy and I suspect you'd do anything to keep baby healthy, right? I'm not sure if you are having a boy or girl (or if you know) however I had one of each and there were 2 sayings that turned out to be true in my case. One, the baby's heartbeat. 140 or below for boys, 160 or above for girls. Boys sit in out front, girls sit in the hips. Lemme know if that turns out for you? After baby is born it is WAY easier to clean up after boys. You lift their "parts" and wipe away. Little girls have these folds...and well....ICK!! Make sure your baby bag is ready now ~ my waters broke unexpectedly at 36 weeks and we weren't packed for anything. It was like a comedy getting ready.

All of your organs are squished but it has happened so gradually you won't really feel it until baby is born. Then SUDDENLY all this space is back in your body and the organs drop back into normal places. That feels WONDERFUL!!!

You can't wait for baby to come and to meet him/her. We all suffer that during pregnancy. The first days are good's later when you wonder why you were in such a hurry (ha ha ha).

Your blog is interesting and fun to read. I am a cat lover myself and also have 2 cats.

Jamie said...

Aw...your belly is adorable. You look great for being so far along.

The baby will be here before you know it and this will all be a distant memory. Heh. Easier said than done.

L Sass said...

You're on the home stretch now, right? (Right??!?!) I think the belly looks adorable--excited to see that baby!

Rima said...

Oh, man, I wish you had stepped out of the car so that jerkwad who took your spot could have at least seen that you're pregnant! But sadly, it probably wouldn't even have helped.

You look gorgeous! Hang in there :)

Tara said...

Aww...almost time for baby. You look great!

It looks like you did very well at the baby shower. ;-)

Cute pic of you and The Targo.

Tara said...

Oh, wasn't there a Seinfield episode about parallel parking? It sounds like the same thing that happened to you.

alyndabear said...

I'm so glad you had a great baby shower - you look amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

Your belly is sooo tiny!!! Seriously.

Like my heartburn, lack of morning sickness, or the way I'm carrying

I had horrific heartburn, vomiting that needed a prescription to stop it, and I carried like you (only waaay bigger) AND I had a girl. Hmmm....?

Aimee said...

You guys are just too adorable! And yeah for loot!