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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We Should Be Ashamed

The Targo: Let's open Christmas presents!

Me, looking at my imaginary watch: Well, it's really early and I don't have anything for you.

The Targo: Okay, I really just want the cats to open their presents!

Me: Aren't you the same guy who looks disapprovingly at me when I buy Magic those 99 cent mice?

*Dismissing gesture.* The Targo retrieves the cats' gifts. He gives me the two packages, wrapped in pretty snowflake paper.

I call the cats and they come, sniffing the packages.

The Targo: That one is Mystic's.

It's a thermal mat thing that uses her own body heat to keep her warm.

She's slightly afraid of it, but I'm sure she'll warm up to it. It looks good on our chair. She likes the wrapping paper though.

The Targo: I know Magic will like his gift!

It's a scratch pad that you hang on a door. Space-saving! Rock on!

He did like it. In fact, when I got up this morning, he was just sitting on it, because we haven't found a doorknob to hang it on.

The bottom line - Every time I feel like we're recovering from our CrazyCatPeopleItis, one of us does something like this. I'm trying to justify it by saying that we're just getting prepared for spoiling our children rotten. But really, we're just nuts.


Aimee said...

And now I know that you are going to go out and buy them something else because they wont' have anything to open on xmas morning....I'm right aren't i?

L Sass said...

Heh. This is why AS and I can't get a pet--we would spend way too much money on cute toys and accessories for it!

Becca said...

I think it's sweet!


my dog has a Christmas stocking

Mary said...

awww...presents for the kitties. this year my husband and I aren't getting anybody anything, including each other, but I still plan to fill the cats' stockings (yes, they have their own stockings)

Candy said...

I love it! I can't buy my cats enough toys, except now that we have the dog from hell, she eats all the cat toys and I'm afraid the catnip will kill her (or am I...muahaha).

Christi said...

How sweet! You sure have some spoiled kitties!!

Tara said...

Aww...your kitties are lucky. I did the same thing with my dog last year. I HAD to give him his gift before everybody else. :-)

Kristabella said...

My cats never like the fancy things I buy them. So I let them play with paper bags and balled up tinfoil.

Anonymous said...

You guys a rockin' cat parents! :)