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Friday, December 28, 2007

Peanut Poll --- The "OMG It's Almost Time" Edition

I know I've written this before, but thank you all for the sweet comments, well-wishes, and support during this pregnancy. I think you are one of the biggest reasons I'm not insane at this point. Hugs to the lot of you!

I was wondering if perhaps there was a way I could pay you back for your sweetness ... Well, because I don't have a million dollars, the only other thing I could come up with is a contest that actually has a (small, very small) prize.

So ...

Here's what the poll looks for: gender, weight, length, and birthdate/time. And also, tell me a little bit about yourself, so I know if you're a regular reader, just a nice person who stopped by because they were googling "nerve damage" or "crazy cat lady + pictures", or some drive by creep! The "official rules" (*snort*) are on the poll page.

I have absolutely no idea if a little information about The Targo and me will help or just convolute things. I'm so surrounded by Old Wives' Tales that I have lost track of what might be true or not: The Targo was in the 7 1/2 lb. range and was a day early. I was in the 8 1/2 lb. range and a day late. If you know either of us, these numbers would not surprise you. *raises fist and curses The Targo's long skinny legs and punctuality*

So, please feel free to play along. And if you're a non-commenter, this would be a great time to introduce yourself!


Tara said...

That was fun!

Candy said...

Yay! Tara's right, that was fun!

alyndabear said...

I am terrible at guessing. I never did win any jelly bean guessing competitions as a child! :D

Anonymous said...

I put my guess in. Don't hate me because I think you're going to be late. ;)

Melissa said...

It would be great if I won, but I highly doubt it. I guessed that my own baby would come 1 day early... and he came 11 days late. Better luck to you! ;) Hang in there, not to much longer to go!!

L Sass said...

I have punctuality, but I so wish I had long skinny legs.