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Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Know I SHOULD Be Freaking Out...

But I'm really okay ... Look at this:

Three weeks (give or take) doesn't seem like much time to get my life together, but what can you do? When I start being a crazy, crazy woman, I listen to this ridiculously hypnotic song. I can't tell if I like it, or if I've been drinking the special Kool-Aid.

For those of you who were worried, The Targo and I did buy a crib. It won't be here for another week. But don't fret! We weren't going to make the poor child sleep on the floor. Or in the cat bed. That spot is already taken anyway. (Freaky glowy-eyed cat. EEP!)

My mom and dad will be here today! They're spending the weekend with us because I didn't make it to their house for Christmas. I'm still not done with their gifts. Really, I have to be the world's worst gift-giver this year. Unbelievable. No cards or gifts sent out. The Targo and I had an imagination Christmas (no gifts, just chucks on the shoulder that say "Hey, Merry Christmas, man."). I have to confess, I'm totally fine with that. He's getting to like the finer (*cough* expensive) things in his old age. And also, his penchant for SELLING EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE makes buying for him very challenging.

Don't forget to play The Peanut Game. Because hey, Free Starbucks!


Becca said...

That is coming right up! How exciting.

Ree said...

Hey Sweetie. I'm so loving knowing that you're waiting for your little one. 21 days? Oh man. I loved that last couple of weeks. Of course, Shortman was 5 days early! ;-) Shoulda put that crib on rush order!

alyndabear said...

I love that song! *does the dance like a nerd*

Kristabella said...

I didn't like that song on the iPod commercials, but once I heard the full version, I loved it. No Kool-aid needed.

Eeek! You're so close! Can't wait to meet Peanut!

L Sass said...

That cat bed looks mighty comfy... Peanut may be jealous!