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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Red Squares Pt. II

Dudes... Today was the actual childbirth class. Not only was I bright red the entire time, but I'm also traumatized. There were way too many up close and personal shots. What makes someone think "You know, I'm going to appear in a childbirth video. Doesn't that sound awesome?"

On the bright side, we learned a lot and had a tour of our marvelous hospital. The Targo said he's afraid to cut the baby's cord but said that he wants to um, watch the magic. What? NO! I actually told him that I won't prevent him from watching, but I'd rather he didn't. And don't get me started on the people who ask for mirrors. NO!

By the way, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the sweet comments on our anniversary post. You're all my sunshines, I swear. **group hug** I meant to put captions under the pictures but totally forgot. The most important caption would have been the second to last picture where we both look like escaped inmates. We went on an amazing jungle walk and zip-line adventure the day after our wedding. It was hot and fun, and yes, we really were as wrecked as we looked.


Becca said...

The hospital tour is so much fun! And yeah, the mirror people freak me out. There is no reason for that.

Letícia said...
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Liz said...

I scheduled my hospital tour for February, but I am so nervous about the childbirth classes. And apparently, I have to have a doll with me.

I get to go dollbaby shopping! :)

L Sass said...

Stay near the "head" side of the bed, Targo.

That is all.

The Wooden Porch said...

You don't want to be in a childbirth video? I always thought those were so freakin' cool. I would love to have my legs spread wide for the world to see a bloody body pop out of mine.

Michelle said...

Mirrors?! What? Why?! Gah, there are just some things that should not be done. *shudder* Have fun, MR! ;p

Patricia said...

During the birth of my first child I was quiet and polite. Until I was "on the bed" and saw the mirror. I can't reprint what I said however the mirror was moved pretty fast. My hubby almost passed out during childbirth and the doctor asked if he needed a chair. I can't reprint what I said then either (after I said, what do I need a chair for? I'm on a bed!). Enjoy your hospital tour. Make sure your bags are packed now; my water broke unexpectedly at 36 weeks and we didn't have ANYTHING ready to go. It was a cartoon moment.

Anonymous said...

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