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Friday, November 30, 2007


One year ago today, I stood on a Mexican beach, watched the Caribbean Sea splash against the shore, and promised to love you for the rest of my life. It was a day that was long overdue, but now, I couldn't imagine it any differently.

I don't remember the exact day we met in grad school, but I remember when I first noticed you. You were the cute nerdy guy who had a girlfriend. I was the "older woman" (at 24) who was single for the first time since 19. We chummed around for much of our first year. Halfway through our second year, you were suddenly, unexpectedly, blessedly, single. And I ... well, I moved in quickly. If you need to blame someone, blame Amy, because she's awesome.

That first year was a blur and it was so much fun: All of the concerts, the fireworks, the museums, the shindigs with good friends.

The subsequent years have really flown by too. Being with you is the opposite of mundane, everyday life. We have so much fun together. We love our city and take advantage of it like tourists.

You love to play outside as much as I do. Whether we're walking around Chicago, exploring the jungle, or wandering through ancient ruins, we just play, tease, and laugh. I never thought I'd meet another adult who would enjoy "adventuring" as much as I do.

And now that we're married, we're embarking on a whole other adventure. One that doesn't involve Mayan ruins or me falling down 1,000 year old stairs. Can you believe that in less than two months we'll have a little Marianne-Targo clone? I'm so excited!

I feel so lucky to have you. Not a day goes without me telling someone how wonderful you are. I had no idea "head-over-heels" would last for this long.

I love you, Yo-yo. Happy 1st Anniversary. Thank you for being my world.


L Sass said...

I actually got tears in my eyes when your wrote "I had no idea 'head-over-heels' would last for this long." Happy anniversary, Marianne and Targo. You're going to be wonderful parents!

janet said...

happy anniversary, my almost wedding twin! :)

Anonymous said...

Damn, girl! You're making me cry! :) Happy anniversary!

alyndabear said...

Happy anniversary, you two. Beautiful!

Kristabella said...

Happy Anniversary! How sweet!

The Hotfessional said...

Happy, Happy Targo and Marianne. Many many more anniversaries are ahead for you. I feel it.

Christi said...

This is SO sweet! Happy Anniversary Marianne & Targo! You guys are going to know what forever means. :)

Tara said...

Happy Anniversary! Your pictures are adorable.

Mary said...

Congrats on one whole year! It seems so far away for me, but I'm guessing it flew by!