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Thursday, January 24, 2008

But Warden, I R Innocent

Have you ever tried to red-eye correct an animal photo? Omigosh, it's hilarious. But seriously, why is there no glowy-eye filter for cats and dogs? Mystic and Magic are so hard to take pictures of because of their coats. But Mystic's buggy beautiful green eyes make it even more difficult.

So, here's my day:

Fair 2°F
Feels Like -15°F

And, I would totally love to go outside for a while. Perhaps walk to the library or something. But, eh... it's pretty cold, even for me. It's slick out too. Amazingly, *knock on wood*, I haven't fallen all winter long. I've had a couple of bad slips, but no falls. *knocking on wood like a madwoman*


Nicole P. said...

Darn it. After no post yesterday, I thought for sure that Peanut was making his/her debut.

Anonymous said...

Rest! Rest! Rest!

And, OMGah, your kitty iz sooo kute! I wanna squeeze him! :) Lookit those cute, innocent eyes....

C'mon, Peanut!! Your Bloggy Aunties are waiting!

Anonymous said...

Is that the tin foil in the background? Did he move it over to make himself comfy. I just LOVE that! The big surprise will come when he finds an actual baby laying there! LOL He'll have felt usurped!

Michelle said...

I love how effective the tin foil is in the background. Aaaah, Mystic...what a surprise she is in for.
Ha, at least you are going to be well rested for when Peanut makes her/his debut!
(flippin heck it is cold over there!!!!)

Liz said...

I hope your bag is packed! :)

L Sass said...

Kick back and eat bonbons, woman!

Becca said...

Oh man! I had baby hopes after your day of feeling crummy. Sorry about the freezing weather.