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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh Yeah ... Updates ...

Does anyone watch "The First 48?" (Can you tell I've done little but watch television for the past three days? Oh my lord ...)

I saw my doctor today and I'm 2 cm dilated. I've got that nonstress test scheduled for Friday, a follow-up appointment on Monday, and then (if Peanut hasn't arrived) we begin discussing induction.

However, I haven't felt so hot today. I'm hoping that's a good sign. As soon as I got home this morning, I began having more contractions. They're mostly medium in intensity, but some are a little more, um, intense. I'm also a bit weepy, which isn't like me at all. And third, I just feel icky. I'm hoping these aren't all psychological processes protecting me, but rather signs from my body that it's almost time. Right, body? Right?!?!?!

Many people have recommended that I use this time to read parenting books, but um, I haven't really done that. Others have suggested cooking a lot of food and freezing it. Hmm... yeah, no. Look at me - not following anyone's advice. I suck. I've mostly been napping and watching TV (see above). At least I'm well-rested.

And that's about it from here. I hope all of you are having a good week.


Becca said...

You're doing exactly what you should be, which is relaxing and doing whatever the heck you want!

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things might be getting started. :)

You're doing exactly what you should be doing - resting. Rest and prepare.

We're all behind you, Marianne!!!

Tara said...

I love "The First 48" - Kansas City and Memphis are my favs. Every time it's on I get sucked in. Actually, I think I have 5 episodes in my DVR queue. Heh.

Hoping Peanut comes soon! :-)

Nonnie Bear said...

I was the same way. I was hoping to have all this food made and frozen, ready for our consumption. I think I got one lasagna made. I think you are very close. I say keep on napping. A nap sounds so wonderful! I hope things get under way very soon!!!

The Wooden Porch said...

Do whatever the heck feels good to you!!!!! Naps are a wonderful thing at this point. Get your rest now.

Lani ~ The Wooden Porch said...

Do whatever the heck feels good to you!!!!! Naps are a wonderful thing at this point. Get your rest now.

Jen said...

Crazy emotions and icky feelings...yeah, you're almost there.
Don't worry about following anyone's advice. You are doing exactly what YOU should be doing. Get some rest.

Faith said...

You're definitely getting ready to deliver! Bless your heart. I had regular contractions almost every day for a month before Josiah was born! I know, it's no fun. Taking a walk really might help. Taking a bath is also helpful when contractions get intense.
My labors were induced (all but with my first) and it wasn't too bad at all.
Don't feel bad about not reading any parenting books - it'll be awile before you put much of that stuff into practice and you're too emotional to process it well :-) I'm sure you'll do awesome!
Love the pic of the cat in the crib - too cute.

L Sass said...

You must catch up on all your trashy television before Peanut arrives! That darn baby is total going to cramp your style.