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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


My mom and dad are just as much crazy animal people as I am. I think they got it from me versus me getting it from them.

When I moved to Chicago from Memphis, I had three critters with me. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a place on my graduate research assistant's salary (read ... laughable) that would allow me to have them. So, my parents kindly took my dog (Jake) and my two cats (Pabo and Thorne).

Jake was a gorgeous black lab, with whom my parents fell immediately in love. As they were both still working full time, my mom and dad felt they had to get Jake a companion. Enter Jasmine - a Labrador/German Shorthaired Pointer mix. She was about 6 months old and sweet as could be.

Shortly after my parents adopted Jasmine, they learned that Jake was going blind. It was some sort of disorder that occurs frequently in Labradors. My mom conducted all sorts of online research, and while there was nothing that could prevent his blindness, she discovered a product that could ease some of his discomfort. Doggles. They're essentially sunglasses for your dog (very helpful for an animal whose retinas decide to deteriorate). Jake looked cool as hell in his Doggles. But Jasmine, with her thin face and slightly set back ears ... she looked um, different. Part alien and part The Dog. Either way, that stuff is funny!

I Can Has a Cheezburger has a new site: I Has a Hotdog. Maybe Jasmine will be featured there. (Photo by my mom.)


kristabella said...

I don't know if it is because it is new, but I Has A Hotdog isn't nearly as funny as Lolcats.

Or maybe it is because cats are weirder.

Becca said...

Oh my gosh too funny! Poor puppy.

Nicole P. said...

Ahahahah!! I need to get doggles to try on our dogs! That is awesome.

L Sass said...

That is the most adorable thing. He needs a white scarf so he can rock the Snoopy-Red Baron look!

Vanessa said...

I've had many lovingly tell me I am obnoxiously obsessed with dogs. And I too love the I has hot dog site. Especially the Wizard they had up over the weekend.