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Thursday, January 10, 2008

High and Mighty

The Targo and I drive a Civic. It's little, fuel-efficient, and makes finding parking in Chicago pretty easy. We had to get some maintenance done on the car the other day, so his parents - feeling sorry for me and my extra 27 26 lbs! - let us borrow their car, a CRV. It's still a Honda, still fuel-efficient, but it's got a few more squirrels working under the hood.

Anyways, we switched our cars back last night.

The Targo's Mom: "Did you like driving my car? Isn't it nice sitting up so high?"

Me: "Oh yeah! It was so awesome, sitting above everyone, feeling superior." Picture me cackling, drunk with power.

I'm not sure she gets my sense of humor.

It was a real struggle to be back on the ground with the rest of the peons today.

*Edit* Your comments are making me laugh. Incidentally, CRVs aren't that huge or gas-guzzlers. But also, driving in Chicago, I will take about any advantage I can get. :)


L Sass said...

Sitting up high freaks me out--I prefer being down in a little Civic myself.

Liz said...

The high superiority is not the dark side as most people think. It's a better way to live.

Ree said...

Low is the way to go for me. But, gah, it ticks me off when some huge honkin' SUV pulls up next to me so I can't see if there's any traffic coming.

Death to SUVs.

Michelle said...

Ah, I miss that feeling too with the mazda I rented for Christmas...not to mention it feels safer than being low. But remember, your car is easier to park and probably has loads better turning radius. (I can't stand people who are driving cars so massive they have to do 3-point turns just to do a u-ey...frikkin Escalades)

Tara said...

My dad drives a Chevy Silverado, so when I visited him over Christmas I got so used to being up high. When I got home and had to drive my Neon, I felt like i was getting in a clown car.

I see what you mean about feeling superior. People tend not to mess with large vehicles. Heh.

Vanessa said...

I agree that SUV's give an advantage as far as seeing more, but the only reason we need them is because one person got one and said, hey I can see. Then someone else said, I need to be taller because I can't see because of that SUV, if I had one I could see too. And thus the cycle, as well as gas guzzling began. I have a Corolla. Its a nice little car, easy to park, turns on a dime and gets 34MPG. If the SUV's were gone we could ALL see again! PS LOVE your blog!

kristabella said...

I only wish to be higher up when that jackass SUV pulls next to you so you can't see around it or over it to turn right. And people wonder why I almost hit people when I'm driving.

Holy crap! Nine days!