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Friday, January 18, 2008

Unplannable Planning

Just thinkin' in type ... so you know it's even more scattered than usual.

Today is my last day at work. Probably. Over the past week (and yes, I know I'm super lucky), I've been having a hard time sleeping; thus, 5:15 comes freaking early (which is why it's been nearly 6:00 the past two days).

I had this ridiculous goal of being able to work until the 31st (with my Jan. 19th est. due date), because of this awesome training I wanted to attend. However, being at the end of my 39th week, I realize I was ABSOLUTELY INSANE when having those thoughts! Because I? Am so done with work. I have this morbid fear of going into labor any place other than home, but especially work. Also, sitting in an office chair all day (my job is way sedentary) makes those feet pressed against my ribs even more uncomfortable.

What's difficult/interesting about maternity leave is all of the planning you have to do up front. I had to submit paperwork for the days that I'll be taking as sick, unpaid, or vacation, and it's so hypothetical. I am filling out health insurance paperwork that's asking me for date of birth, sex, name of the baby -- again, all things I don't know. It's silly, but the required planning takes some of the fun out of the surprise.

So, what if I take off after today and I don't have the baby for two more weeks? I guess those are two weeks subtracted from my leave, time I won't get to spend with the baby. At this point, I am so OK with that.

Please remind me of that in three months.


Becca said...

That is so hard to do. I was lucky enough to be induced so I had the neat little answers everyone wanted. But I shouldn't have worked that last week. That was miserable. Go home and relax!

Aimee said...

But, at least you won't be at work! :) My friend scheduled herself to work up till a week before her due date...her last day being a Friday - Thursday night she went into labor. hehe.

I hope the peanut comes soon so you have maximum peanut enjoyment time!

Michelle said...

I am glad it is your last day, because it sounds like you should get some rest before Peanut's grand entrance (and only 1 day to go on the counter!! wow!!).

L Sass said...

I feel like everyone I know who has had a baby has way overestimated how long they'll work. At some point, they were all just "done." So, take off! We empower you! Read blogs all day and eat bon bons. You deserve it.

Vanessa said...

Good luck, I imagine the not knowing may be the hardest part.

Patricia said...

I had a nonstress test...that showed we were in stress. I was induced immediately following. Being induced is NO FUN! Contractions hit you like, Whamo, so if it happens please be prepared!

You only get 3 months maternity leave? Are you kidding me? That is WAY too young to leave a baby!! What kind of benefits is THAT? Here in Canada you get a combined 1 year parental benefits!! Oh boy it will be so hard to leave your precious baby so young!!

Kristabella said...

Will doctors let you go 2 weeks after your due date? I would hope they’d induce by then. Plus, you’re having the baby on the 20th. And I shall win the pool.

Candy said...

It really sounds crazy that you will have to give up that time afterwards. I stopped working when I had my first, and didn't go back until after the second was 2 years old, so I can't imagine having to pry that baby out of my arms and leave her.

I do, however, know what you mean about being done with work. It's time to go home and make your nest :)