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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shot Through The Heart

When we went to Nathan's 1 month check up, I had prepared myself for the coming Hep-B shot. Well, he was running a little hot (99.1), so the doctor wanted to wait on the shot. Today is Nathan's 2 month check up. I'm pretty sure he's getting a shot or two. *choke*

Moms - How did you prepare yourself for you little ones' first shots? I've heard it's much harder on the mom than the baby. But, really, can we be sure of that?


Aimee said...

I'm not a mom - but I my mom told me that I didn't really mind shots. (few tears) but OMG try and look in my ears NO WAY JOSE! that's when the screaming started.

or I was just weird. That's totally possible.

Becca said...

I have heard that it helps to give a little Tylenol about half an hour before the appointment (but you might call your doc and ask especially because that would mask any fever that was still present, and you know, because I don't know what I'm talking about). I never did that. Another thing that is supposed to be good is to have a full bottle (or boob) ready to go for right after the injection. We never did anything special for Charlie and it was awful, but it was over in a few minutes and then he forgot all about it. IME it's worse when they are toddlers and are able to anticipate it. Bonus: when Charlie had his first shots he slept for like 6 hours straight right after! Good luck!

Jen said...

Take your husband along with you for the 1st time shots. Its helps to lean on the hubster for support. Good luck. It IS harder for us than the babe.

L Sass said...

Poor Nathan! I hope he (and you!) make it through with flying colors.

Jamie said...

It'll be harder on you than him! I always hate having to be the bad guy that holds my little girl down while the nurses inject, is over quick and usually forgotten by the time we reach the car. And nothing cuddles can't remedy. Hang in there. I've always given Tylenol about an hour before the appointment.

Ree said...

Be sure. It's much, much worse on you than him.

Heck, it's worse on me than my dog.

Bring tissues, but rest assured. He'll be FINE.

Lady P said...

Oh boy, the first time you do something to cause your little fellow pain.... you are going to feel AWFUL; he'll be fine after a minute or two. Sometimes babies run a little fever later and all that cuddling helps both people heal and recover from the trauma.

Now, pan forward 12 years....son needs a blood test and he isn't little and he isn't cute anymore. Three adults hold him down. I sit, and yes I mean SIT on him. He kicks, scratches and bites me while they draw blood. Give me the baby ANY day after that!!

ps, it does help to know he is in pain for something that will keep him safe in the long run.

Anonymous said...

As a mommy and a nurse in a pediatric physicians office, I have been on all sides of this one. The mommy and the "mean ol' nurse" giving the injection. As a nurse: give Tylenol before the injection in the waiting room, put it in his cheek a little at a time. After you get home, if he is awake, as most infants fall to sleep after their shots, give him a warm bath OR place warm washcloths on his thighs to increase blood flow. It moves the "injection" along and helps prevent the hard, hot knots that can form in the thigh. Give him Ibuprophen as directed after you get home and through the night. It lasts longer than Tylenol plus is an anti-inflamatory. Ok, as a mom: I did not take my husband with me....BIG mistake as they almost had to get an ambulance for me as I was REALLY disorientated after the ordeal, no kidding! Like shock....I did not do well. Keep binky near him for comfort, keep your voice soothing and ask if it is possible to give the injections (usually 2-4) all at one time by as many nurses or physicians as possible. Pick him up as soom as the band-aids are on. Keep yourself busy and in the mommy-caretaker mode. You can cry and fall apart after you are home...I did that too. Being strong is hard for me, as I am whimpy. Hope this did not ramble too much and I really hoped it helped! Take care. You are a fantastic mommy, never forget that. You love him, that is why you are getting his vaccinations!

Leslie G.

Candy said...

The reason I think we assume it's harder on us than on them, is that he'll be smiling 30 seconds after they give it to you, and you'll remember this day for the rest of your life and feel guilty.