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Friday, March 21, 2008


Spring finally hit Chicago. I was excited to wake up to sunshine, temperatures above 40, and the glacier that is our alley finally melted. Another great thing? My friend, Colleen, and I took our babies out for the day. Colleen's little girl is almost exactly 9 months older than Nathan ... and adorable. We had lunch at a neighborhood sammich place and then walked by all of the super cute baby boutiques. Spring! How I love thee ... especially after being cooped up all of February and much of March with a newborn.

And then today ... I woke up to this:

Did I mention that I'm TOTALLY SICK OF WINTER? Yeah, I thought I had.


Becca said...

Winter is a cruel mistress! I can't imagine how you guys haven't lost your collective mind in the midwest. Hopefully it will warm up for good soon.

L Sass said...

I can't believe I am relocating to Chicago.

With last weekend's weather, it did not sound like such a great decision!