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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Whining as a Career

Gah... Low-grade fever, aches and pains, ever-running nose, coughs, weakness, and a poor baby that just wants to be held!! We're about to take nap number three.

So, my dry-run for my work-from-home-gig did not go well. It was all technology issues, thankfully, and not my being unable to find time to work. I've GOT TO get everything cleared up by Friday or I have to go into work on Monday. Which sucks. For several reasons. 1) No babysitter, and 2) I don't fit into my old clothes yet, so no work-appropriate clothing.

Other than that, I've got absolutely nothing. I am, however, bummed that my coffee dates with Kristin keep falling through. I'm so sorry, man!


Becca said...

Yuck! Feel better!

Mary said...

That really stinks. Both the feeling bad and the work stuff. I hope you feel better and you can stay home!

Nonnie Bear said...

If I could make money by whining I'd be rich! But I hate to hear you are sick plus have to tackle the going back to work thing. It will get better. Spring is on the way. I hope you get to feeling better soon. And I hope you get all the kinks worked out of telecommuting. It is great you get to work from home. Oh and give that cutie a kiss from me!

L Sass said...

I hope the technology issues work out... cause going to work naked? Isn't really a good career move.

Lady P said...

I wanted to add another note, if your working from home is successful. Grab a journal book or something and carefully chronicle how you spend your time. that way if anyone asks you to justify how you spent your day you have some concrete evidence that shows it.

kristabella said...

Feel better! We'll hang out soon!