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Friday, May 30, 2008

Seasons of Love - Four Months

Baby boy,

Aside from the not-so-much-into sleeping, you're a very happy baby. You smile and giggle for everyone you meet.

I had my first Mother's Day. It was awesome for many reasons - mostly you, naturally, but also the trip to your first Cardinals game.

You got to spend a week with your maternal grandma while I was at a work training. She got to learn all of your little quirks and habits. You're so lucky to have two sets of grandparents that love the bejeebus out of you.

You went to your first grown-up party. It was really loud and you were not impressed. Regardless, you handled it stoically and got to make your "Aunt" Lou's day.

You also had a coffee date with your friend Kristabella. She posted pictures of you on her website. She was kind enough to cut your fat -- verra verra fat -- mommy out of the pictures.

You gave us your first real laugh this past month. It was hilarious. I still like your "HEH!" laugh, but a true giggle? Heh! Very funny.

We've been struggling with your tummy issues. This acid reflux is so on my left nerve. It makes nursing so hard for you and you're chronically congested. We're working on it ... and hopefully we'll have it taken care of in the next few weeks.

Having you in my life makes me so excited to get up every morning. Your daddy and I think you're amazing and we love you so much. Despite your already thinking we're dorks.

I love you,


Leslie said...

Now that's better! Baby Nathan in a Cardinal's outfit! GO CARDS! Gota love a baby boy rootin' on the Cards! Super beautiful little man you all have there! He has had some great pictures in some really cute outfits, but this beats them all! Much joy to you from one first-time mom to another!

Leslie G. (Farmington, Mo.)

Nonnie Bear said...

Love, love, love the new pictures. How does he keep getting cuter? I absolutely adore the picture of the three of you. Look at his face!! Priceless!! You guys are amazing.

Michelle said...

Oh, so sweet!! God, he is getting so big and he is soooo adorable! Absolutley love the pics (esp the last one). :)

L Sass said...

OMG, his face in that last photo just slays me! He's growing up so fast.

Kristabella said...

You are full of it! You look great! And he's a lucky, lucky boy to have parents like you and The Targo!

And he's even cute in a Cardinals outfit.

Anonymous said...

ACK he's sooo cute. That look he has on when you guys are kissing him cracks me UP! What a cutie!

Aimee said...

OMG I love the expression on his face. and also, his hair. too cute.