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Monday, June 23, 2008

First Date and Other Events

The Targo and I had our first date - post baby - a few weeks ago. One of his friends from college got married at - wait for it - the Sears Tower. It was gorgeous. The views were just phenomenal. I've lived in Chicago since 1999 and I'm still not tired of the views.

We got all dressed up and I wore make-up, which for me is lipgloss. Heh.


Nathan isn't sitting up by himself, really, but he's been "tripodding" for about 3 weeks. It's pretty cute watching him wobble like a drunken sailor.


The other day, I took Nathan to the little kid (soft-surface) park nearby. As I was walking in, a little girl and her mom held the gate for me and my monstrous stroller. I thought they closed the gate behind me. About 20 minutes later, a mom came up to me and said "Um yeah, when you came in you didn't close the gate behind you and my friend's son almost ran out into traffic." I was all "Omigosh. I'm really sorry, but I thought someone was behind me." After she rolled her eyes at me she said, "Yeah, well, it's kind of a rule." I managed to remain patient and said "I understand and thank you for letting me know." I was a touch annoyed by the dressing down, but what could I say because no, I didn't close the gate behind me. The Targo said I should have stood up for myself. I think she could have said something to me when I walked in. The playground wars begin!


Becca said...

Crazy playground lady really needs a hobby. Give me a break. The wedding sounds incredible! Nathan's a cutie... I can't believe he's sitting up!

SSU said...

Yes, it is courteous to shut the gate, but aren't you still supposed to watch your kid? That mom needs to just calm down!
Lockily, our parks don't have gates...

Ree said...

omg - As much as I envy all the babies and the nom-nom-baby butts and cheeks on the interwebs lately, I DO NOT envy the crap like this playground stuff.

Good luck with that.

Michelle said...

OMG, the pics are super cute!! Woah, I have read about some of those scary Mom's.....poor MR. But seriously, what was that other Mom doing that her son almost ended up in traffic??
Post more pics when you get a chance!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nathan is ADORABLE! Don't sweat the mom in the playground. Her friend should have been watching her son more closely. Yes, you should have closed the gate, but you now know to double check it. You took the high road and didn't get all bitchy back at her. No'll probably never see her again! :)

Shannon said...

Sheesh! She really needs to get a few lessons in manners. In all honesty shouldn't the person who held the gate have closed it? But you're right. Why go into all that detail for some idiot who obviously has never made an unintentional mistake like that?

Onto happier things, you guys looked awesome. And Nathan is so adorable. You guys are such a beautiful family.

L Sass said...

Oh please, crazy playground lady is just trying to feel superior. What would be the harm in her calling out, "Can you get the gate?" right after you came in!

The wedding sounds fabulous and glam! You lucky ducks.

Kristabella said...

Look how big Nathan is getting! And by the way, I would have punched that woman. Yes, you made a mistake, but were her legs broken? If she was so concerned about it, get off your ass and shut it.

alyndabear said...

Yay for your date!

Playground moms sometimes sound like they need a seriously kick in the butt. Bah!