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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Father's Day

The Targo's first Father's Day was very ordinary. The day before was much more fun.

My parents came to town and took us to a White Sox game. My dad has a hook-up with tickets, which includes parking in one of the good lots. So, we felt all touristy because we drove rather than taking the El. Nathan was so good. He got startled a couple of times, but mostly enjoyed being shuffled between the four of us. And the fireworks? Somehow, they didn't freak the kid out. Maybe he liked the colors?

Last night, The Targo's parents came to the city and took us to dinner - a fabulous Italian place, which SUCKS with my dairy-free diet. Nathan is to that point where he's not content to sit in his car seat (stroller) and he can't quite sit up on his own in a high chair. Each of us ended up constantly walking him around the restaurant. Don't worry, we're not those people. First, we ate at 5:00. Second, it was such a nice day that everyone else was eating outside. Nathan disturbed no one but himself.

I had wanted to make something special for The Targo's first Father's Day, but you know, didn't quite get around to it. My mom had a cute photo coffee mug made for him, from Nathan. But me? I dropped the ball.

I keep thinking that I'm going to get "caught up," but it just hasn't happened yet. I'd like to blame it on the lack of sleep, which might have something to do with it, but it's more than that. I'm just so ridiculously happy that I'm overwhelmed. Despite all of the whining I've been doing, I can't believe how well life is going right now. I keep telling The Targo this. I hope it's enough for him.


Kristabella said...

I'm sure it is!

I don't think he needs any presents as long as he has Nathan!

SSU said...

I went for the World's Greatest Dad t-shirt/hat combo from Target.

And yeah, that is why we have only been out to eat 3 times since AJU5 was born- two while we were traveling. And I think you did the best you could - walk him and pick a non-crowded time.

L Sass said...

Your life sounds great, even if you never feel "caught up" again. You have two cute boys in your life! What more could you ask for?

Ree said...

Oh, those Italian places in Chicago love babies!

Faith said...

Ha! I love your perspective on Father's Day :-) That's so sweet. Trust me. It will get (a little) easier. I can't remember exactly when but there was a time before this baby-blur when things were a lot easier. But I never do feel "caught up" maybe that'll come one day.