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Thursday, September 18, 2008


(With a title like that, you'd think I'd be talking about my baby... But, no.)

While driving home from work yesterday, I saw two things I'd never seen before. And quite frankly, they're both bad, but I'm not sure which is worse.

For about seven miles of my 11 mile trip, I was next to this woman in a burgundy Corolla. The entire time we were next to each other, she was reading a book! While driving! In traffic!

During this same drive, our lanes of incredibly slow traffic came to a stop. A taxicab driver decided that things were moving (or not moving) way too slow, so he drove up on the sidewalk to get around all of suckers who were waiting in line.

I'm so glad you folks don't give a damn about the other people with whom you're sharing the road. You get my "So Awesome" award of the day.


SSU said...

I have read mail at a stop light, but I normally do it when I am in the straight lane and the turn lane is next to me so I have a heads-up as to when my turn may be (when they start moving, I stop reading). But then again, I live in a smaller city where breaking the drivers' code of ethics is done by almost everyone - including police :)

Bailey said...

I have never seen someone drive up on the sidewalk, but in this city, nothing concerning the road surprises me anymore.

I used to work out by O'hare and would take the blue line to work every morning. From the train you could see people doing interesting things in their cars. Lots of book reading and internet surfing on their laptops...

Candy said...

I admit it. I've read a book while driving before too. But only under ideal conditions!

And honestly, I haven't done that since I was an invincible teenager. I guess I shouldn't yell at mine so much for driving and texting then?

Ree said...

I think I've been in that guy's cab.

Becca said...

Woah! Although I've probably been more distracted with the little show I have to put on for Charlie to keep him calm on the way home. Picture lots of singing and spastic dancing. It cracks him (and everyone else around me I'm sure) up.

myfuckingeye said...

Geez! You should have rolled your window down and yelled at her, "Books on tape lady, LOOK INTO IT!" As far as the dude that jumped on the sidewalk--I hate when people do that. Not jump on sidewalks, but feel that they're above having to wait in a traffic line that everyone else on the planet has to wait in.. Booo..