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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goin' to (Great) Grandma's ... Take Two

The Targo, Nathan, my Mother-in-law, and I will be going to visit The Targo's grandma this weekend. We were supposed to go shortly before Labor Day weekend, but it didn't work out. Grandma is 92 and in an Alzheimer's wing of a nursing home. She's also about six hours away.

Preparing for this trip is making me all sappy and stuff. I grew up with my Great-grandma Jones (I've mentioned her a couple times - my mom's granny). My mom's mom died when my mom was just thirteen, and my dad's mom died when I was five. My mom's dad wasn't around. My dad's dad and my great-grandpa Jones died a week apart the summer I turned ten. So, Grandma Jones was everything.

During my childhood, we would go to Grandma Jones' house every weekend. It was so much fun because all of us "stair-step" cousins were so close. When Grandma Jones died in 2001, the inevitable happened: The grandkids stopped getting together, so obviously did the great-grandkids (and there were a couple great-greats by then).

Every now and again I think about my grandma and all of the fun things we did together: I was the youngest member of her Senior Citizens' group, we spent nearly every New Year's Eve together until I went to college, all of the lively religious and political discussions. She was a woman ahead of her time.

When I think of our age, I think about the age of our parents. And, gosh ... it makes me sad. I think about how lucky I am that my mom was a young mom. I got to keep my great-grandma around for a long time. My parents are 65 and (almost) 56. The Targo's parents are 64 and (almost) 67.

I guess I've gone from introspective to completely morose! My point is that I want Nathan to have as much quality time with his grandparents as possible. That includes this trip. While he won't remember going to see his G.G. in Wisconsin, they're memories that she and her daughter and her grandson will hold. And as we saw before, his presence will bring comfort and a little joy.


Becca said...

Have a nice time! Having a baby puts all family relationships in a new light for me. Seeing Charlie with his great-grandparents was such an incredibly special experience for Ryan and me.

SSU said...

I am glad you can spend time with your family and give Nathan these experiences. AJU5 has met 3 of her four great grandparents (all in one week). I just hope they stay around long enough for her to remember them, as I don't remember any of my grandfathers or great grandparents.