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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rights and Privileges

We voted. Did you?

We got up super early because we had no idea how long the lines would be. Fortunately, they really weren't that long, and The Targo and I live in a precinct dominated by single family homes. Meaning, we were the line jumpers.

Nathan was so good!! The only time he made any noise was when The Targo came back from Starbucks (when we were still in the long line) with a cup of coffee. "DADADADADADA!" Other than that, he was totally chill.

The Targo voted first while I entertained Nathan. Then I quickly voted, realizing that I don't know who any of the judges are. Thank goodness for the Chicago Bar Association.

It may seem silly, but I got a little emotional about this vote. I think every election is important, but to me, there was something really special about voting as a family. I hope that we're able to take Nathan with us every time we vote. When he's older, I want him to understand our awesome privilege to vote. And that it's a responsibility too.


AJU5's Mom said...

We took AJU5 with us to vote early on Friday night. It was fun to have her with us - especially since there wasn't a line at all. AJU1 held her until I was done voting. Then I took her outside and took a picture of her with the VOTE HERE sign. Did the Targo get his coffee free?

Ree said...

Next election (heck, next year), Shortman will be the one voting....