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Thursday, November 06, 2008

On Top

Nathan hasn't been himself for the past few days. I kept attributing it to daylight savings time. Now, I stupidly realize, it's his top teeth coming in with a vengeance.

The Targo and I both had cosmetically fabulous teeth before braces, but needed orthodontic assistance because of our bites. Nathan's new teeth look VERY gappy. I'm hoping and assuming that once the rest of them come in, the center ones won't look like they've got an "I'm a heterosexual" gap between them. But right now? Wow. I'm pretty sure Mystic could stick her paw between them.


Mrs Lemon said...

The good news is the baby teeth fall out and they get adult teeth :)

I like your wordle, it's cute.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mrs Lemon, but every child I've seen has started out with gappy teeth. My mackerdoodle had a chipmunk gap between her two top teeth, and it's already beginning to fill in.

AJU5's Mom said...

There is a huge gap between AJU5's top teeth (one of which is barely through, the other quite a ways down now). I have a small mouth and my husband's is average, so I have a feeling it will close up on its own... I guess with nothing pushing on them, they want as much space as possible!

Shannon said...

I agree, I think almost all babies have gappy teeth. I know Liam has his top 4 and there are some serious gaps. Don't worry, he's a heartbreaker. For sure!!

Patricia said...

Toothy and gappy babies are sweet! The gaps do tend to lessen with adult teeth. My daughter however, is missing her 2 lower incisors. They never developed. Period. So now we are hoping her baby teeth will hold out forever; the dentist keeps a careful watch on them for cavities; etc. If she ever loses them then a bridge will have to be put in. Apparently we are evolving and we don't need those teeth so much anymore!

Ree said...

They will definitely get closer together... Shortman had an overbite like you wouldn't believe when he was younger...from his pacifer - as soon as he gave it up, they all moved back straight.