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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Since his cord blech fell off, Nathan's belly button has been weird. It's a little bit of an odd shape and there's always something icky about it. Sometimes it's red and irritated; other times it's just crusty. His pediatrician decided to monitor it for a while. When we went for his 1-year exam on Friday, she decided to schedule and ultrasound to make sure there's nothing structurally wrong with it. My thinking was that we did a lousy job of keeping it clean. But, you know --- better safe and all that.

So, last night, we went to a local children's hospital and spent nearly two hours in ultrasound. Much of this was Nathan screaming and peeing on the table. It was loads of fun. And the result? Inconclusive. Which I think is good. We're going to hear for sure today, but when the ultrasound technician didn't see anything notable, I was comforted. And today? Nathan's just fine. Funky, crusty, weird belly button and all.


Shannon said...

LOL! Liam's cord stub (?) fell off really early, leaving a very crusty bellybutton. I hated for anyone to see it because I was for sure they would think I never bathed him. Anyway, finally after many months of waiting it has finally become normal. The trick for him was after every bath using a little baby oil to gently massage away the icky. I'm sure Nathan's little belly button is going to be just fine.

AJU5's Mom said...

Doesn't sound like fun! We were lucky that after it fell off, it just spotted for a few days (blood) and then that has been it. Hopefully Shannon's suggestion will work!