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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sick Little Monkey

Okay, I've got nothing funny or fun or funnily fun. We're hanging in there with our THIRD bought of cough and cold in the past two months. Poor Nathan! As if being constantly congested isn't sucky enough. Now he's got one of those terrible coughs that scares the cats. I know he'll be fine.

Speaking of the cats... Magic went in this morning for his annual teeth cleaning. Don't you wish you were our pet? You'd get FABULOUS health care.


Shannon said...

Poor Nathan! Please spring get here soon!! I hope he kicks the yuckies super fast.

Leo goes in for his teeth cleaning next Tuesday. At 14 he has lost quite a few teeth and I'm sure there will be more casualties. Poor guy has rotten mouth even though we have had his teeth cleaned every year for 14 years. Bad genetics, I guess.

AJU5's Mom said...

That sounds no fun - three colds! Hopefully it will warm up soon for you so he can get over this cold stuff for a while!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor little guy.