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Monday, March 09, 2009

Loving Your Spouse When You Have a Small Child

Remember those care-free crazy days of being DINKs? Well, I do. They weren't that long ago. Now, The Targo and I were never those people who rocked around town, but we did do a lot of things. I would say that every weekend we partook in something uniquely Chicago. I've shown you the many pictures of our wanderings of parks and museums. I've told you about our good and bad restaurant experiences. And of course, you all know that we're huge sports fans!

Since we had a baby --- a winter baby --- our life has been home-based. And really, that's okay. For me. I loved snuggling with my little baby (now, giant, running-through-the-house, crazy, loud toddler!) and reveling in the family I'd been blessed with. But where did that leave my husband?

Ladies, I've got to tell you, I think I'm married to one of the best men in the world. I don't know how it's possible, but I love him more every single day. Even on those days. (We all have those days.) But, since I've become a mom, my passion for loving my husband has been harder to display. Now, I'm not trying to get all weird or philosophical on you. But, as you moms know, little ones take up so much of your time and energy, there's barely enough left to make it to the shower, let alone randomly give our husband a kiss.

This week, I would like to offer up --- and hopefully, learn from you --- ways we busy moms can still remember that we're part of a couple.
(By the way, yes, those are my man-hands! I've broken several fingers.)

1 comment:

AJU5's Mom said...

I am ready to hear suggestions too. I want to get out on a date night soon, but we have been waiting for AJU5 to become a good sleeper (finally, she is there) and now for the cold/flu season to be over (nothing worse than making plans and then having the babysitter or one of you get sick). I do try to give him little kisses each day though, because there is nothing wrong with our kids seeing us kiss!