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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Things I Do

Because it's not bad enough that all of my shirts are stretched out from a 13-month old yanking on them. Or that my eyes are red and snotty and my nose is peeling off from this cold I've been fighting for three weeks. You know, because none of that is really that embarrassing. No. I had to come to work with the size sticker still on my new pants. I rock like that. Thankfully my boss was kind enough to point it out.

*bad grammar is totally intentional*


Anonymous said...

I showed up at school with one black shoe and one brown shoe and NO ONE pointed it out to me. I didn't realize it until the middle of the day.

I'm glad you have a boss kind enough to point it out.

And look at it this way: now they know you buy new pants. :-)

Shannon said...

I have been there on all of those, just not all at the same time. Things will start looking up. Spring is on the way!!

AJU5's Mom said...

I have done that before - those stickers are very easy to forget about. Why can't they sell clothes with tags/stickers that come off automatically when you wear them out of your house (I know - it is impossible, but one could dream)!

Marianne said...

What really sucks is that I washed these ... and the sticker stayed on. It's making me question whether my clothes are getting clean.