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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why Can't We Stay Healthy?

No, really. Why?

For the past two nights, Mr. Nathan-Monkey-Man has been waking up every hour crying. Not crying like he's in pain or feels sick, but crying. It's taken a good 15 minutes or so to get him quieted and back to sleep... only to have him wake up 40 minutes or so later. Yesterday, I noticed that he'd developed a cough. AGAIN. He just shook that tuberculosis-esque cough a week ago. Is it just because it's winter? Because he's possibly inherited his daddy's allergies? Because we live in an uninsulated tent? I don't know, but it's wearing me down.

The Targo and I have gotten approximately 7 hours sleep total for the past two nights. It makes for long days and grouchy evenings. And as for me, my ears are still mussed up. And if I bend over - like, to pick up a small child - the world spins as I come back up. I think The Targo is feeling fine, though. Thanks for asking.

This is our first "real winter." I don't know if all newborns are just fine, but Nathan was dandy until he got a cold around three months (April of last year). So, maybe the constant runny nose is just par for the course.

I'd love to hear what you more experienced moms have to say.


Becca said...

Charlie's nose runs from September until April routinely. It's a day care thing and a toddler thing according to our ped. Have you had his ears looked at? Charlie's colds only bug him when he has an ear infection. Since he got his tubes, and stopped having ear infections, they don't seem to phase him at all (except for when he got RSV and then he was miserable).

Bailey said...

Poor Nathan. I hope he's feeling better soon.

We'll definately have to get together! I'm so glad it's finally spring.

Nadine said...

Awww! I hope he feels better soon.

This winter has brought quite a few colds & infections to our house as well. If I'm too worried, I take the children to the doctor. But usually their illness passes in one or two days.

Best wishes! (and my spring come SOON!)