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Friday, March 27, 2009

Working For The Weekend

We've been stressed recently. It's nothing major, nothing drastic, nothing really. It's just the everyday things that are wearing us down a bit: The constant colds, the daily chore of commuting with a young child, and Good God, do we need a larger apartment!

Somehow, despite my Negative Nancy of a husband (I love you, honey), I've managed to keep fairly grounded. Although, I will move when our lease is up, with or without The Targo. I know that we're lucky in so many ways.

All that aside, we need to take time out for ourselves. In my mind, one of the best ways I can be a good mom to my son is to be a good wife. The same goes for The Targo. If we work together, love and respect each other, and keep working at our marriage --- well, I think those things will only benefit Nathan.

Having said all that, we need a night out. And I think we'll be able to do that this weekend. Reconnecting with my husband sounds so awesome right now. I think it will make us appreciate the privilege of parenthood even more.


AJU5's Mom said...

When I got to spend two days skiing with my husband, his brothers, and his dad, it was a huge blessing! We got to ride the lift some alone and just talk. We didn't have to worry about AJU5 because she was with his mom (and SIL the second day). Have a night to yourselves! It does help!

summer and adam said...

You know, I can't even remember a night out that didn't involve Wal-mart or the grocery store anymore! Isn't that sad?

Take some time and enjoy each other, and Nathan! He's so adorable!