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Monday, March 30, 2009


Nathan has recently expressed his affection for the word "WOW." I'm not sure it really counts as a word, but it's his new word. Previous words of note were dada (which was used as an expletive for a long time - he now says "Dah-dee"), mama, yeah, nya (which he uses for "no" and I know that totally doesn't count), kitty (heard only a few times), and uh-oh - the current favorite. "Uh-oh" is used mostly correctly. He says it when he falls, drops something, or throws something that beans you in the head. So, yeah, he's mostly got it right. But "WOW", I just don't know.

"WOW" is used when he sees something he likes... like, "WOW" look at that cool roll of wrapping paper. If he's really excited about something, it's much more emphatic: "WOW WOW!" We don't watch Noggin, so I don't think he got it from "Wow Wow Wubbzy", but I could be wrong. "WOW" is one of those words, like "yeah" and "so", that I totally overuse. I say "WOW" when Nathan splashes me in the bathtub. I say "WOW" when he runs and plows into me. I say "WOW" when he's gentle with the cats. So, yeah ... I may have contributed to his growing Neanderthal vocabulary.

It's so exciting to watch Nathan learn. Every day it hits home a little more that we're shaping this small person. He's watching us and mimicking us. He's taking it all in. It's a really awesome privilege and responsibility. It's just ... Wow.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My pediatrician said that Uh-oh, wow, yay and nah all counted as words if they had a consistent meaning. So I say count it all, and keep saying Wow :-)